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The NRC's Data Analytics Centre brings together over 35 machine learning experts and state-of-the-art algorithms to address data analytics needs arising from industrial and scientific sources. We have the ability to organize and analyze your large data sets to discover patterns and trends, provide explanations and make predictions in order to create actionable knowledge from its analysis. This can be achieved through multivariate statistics, machine learning, data mining and pattern recognition. We have experience in a variety of fields of application, from biology to engineering to sustainability.

Our capabilities

Ever wondered what your data is hiding? Can you use this new knowledge within the data to drive business decisions? Are you getting the most return from your data investments? You may have similar questions related to big data and data analytics. Private companies and public agencies worldwide are collecting and storing more data than ever before. To maintain a competitive position in the marketplace, it is more important than ever to unlock the potential stored within your data sets.

We offer a wide variety of analytics services, each with predictable durations and outputs. These include:

Data cleaning, integration, and management

Data collected from sensors, tests and other information systems usually contains errors or missing values, and is spread out in different locations both inside and outside your organization. Let techniques developed at the NRC handle these data challenges to generate a meaningful data set that can be used to perform data analysis.

Exploratory data analysis

Many organizations collect and store data, knowing it has value, but not having a plan for exploiting that value. At the NRC, we can use our evaluation techniques and experience to guide you in developing a realistic plan for transforming your data into actionable knowledge.

Modeling and prediction

Sometimes organizations know the specific goals/challenges that they want their data to explain. Traditional statistical techniques have been useful in the past in solving these problems, but these methods are unable to cope with very large and diverse data sets. Over the years, the NRC has gained expertise in advanced data analytic algorithms in machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence. We can apply existing techniques or develop custom algorithms to suit your data analytic challenges.

Visualization and decision support

Visualization is a way to discover new relationships and explain existing patterns in the data. The NRC's visualization experts can help develop solutions to better understand your data and provide explanations. This will assist in you making decisions based on your data.

Why work with us

Our data scientists have strong backgrounds in machine learning and statistics, and the unique competitive advantage of being able to draw from the expertise and ground-breaking research across the NRC's spectrum of disciplines of application. Our data scientists have in-depth experience applying data analytics to multiple fields, from applied science to engineering. We have used our capabilities to model aircraft icing, predict rail wheel failure and to model human shape variation to design personal protective equipment. Whatever your area of operation, we can help you create actionable knowledge from your data.

An industry-leading facility, the Data Analytics Centre also provides safe and secure data storage, access to high-performance computing platforms and an inventory of data analytic software tools.

Team members

  • Ebadi, Ashkan
  • Jennings, Alice
  • Luong, Son
  • Mitchell, Tyson
  • Pall, Raman
  • Paul, Patrick
  • Spencer, Edward (Bruce)
  • Tremblay, Stéphane
  • Zaluski, Marvin

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April Luong, Client Relationship Leader
Telephone: 514-496-2745

Pierre Charron, Client Relationship Leader
Telephone: 613-990-0336


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