Compression and tension testing facility

The NRC offers stationary compression and tension test services in a rail vehicle squeeze and tension compression facility.

Available to industry to test and assess the structural integrity of rail cars, subway and intermodal vehicles, the facility houses a squeeze and tension frame - part of a complete solution to rail vehicle testing requirements which includes the rail vehicle impact ramp at the same location.

Our capabilities

Designed for use by rail, subway and intermodal road/rail vehicles, our facility allows manufacturers to test car body structural strength and integrity, verify compliance with rail industry standards, and tests new drawbar devices for strength and lateral stability – all in a single location.

The facility itself is a frame consisting of twin parallel steel I–beams, two track-supported end pieces, and a double–acting hydraulic ram that can impart up to 1.25x106 pound force (5.56 meganewtons) of longitudinal compression, and 400,000 lbf (1.78 mega newtons) of tension force.

With signals from strain gauges, load cells and displacement sensors, facility engineers are able to tabulate detailed stress analysis reports and can marry them with finite element models and stress and fatigue analyses.

Why work with us

Often used in conjunction with our rail vehicle impact ramp, our compression and tension test facility is part of a complete, one-location solution to your rail vehicle testing requirements.

It offers you the ability to measure your vehicles and rail cars against the rigorous industry standards for structural integrity and identify potential concerns or weaknesses before bringing your product to market.

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