Canadian Centre for Housing Technology research facility

The Canadian Centre for Housing Technology (CCHT) offers manufacturers, public utilities and housing technology companies unique, real-life, whole-house performance and fully monitored testing environments. Located in Ottawa, Ontario, the CCHT provides the means to develop and validate innovative residential products prior to full field trials in occupied houses to accelerate their acceptance in the marketplace.

Our capabilities

The CCHT team will work with you to design the research and development or measurement and verification project most suited to meet your company's goals, needs and budget. Our team will help you develop and validate innovative housing products and systems that keep pace with market needs.

  • we will offer you access to our unique and most relevant research facilities
  • we will assemble a team of qualified research officers, engineers and technicians to deliver results and expert advice to guide the development of your innovative concepts and technologies and validate their performance

The CCHT's facilities include:

  • the Twin Test Houses: Single-detached units used to measure the real-life performance of technologies and strategies using side-by-side comparison in an environment that reflects current residential houses in Canada
  • the Flex Test House: A fully furnished, multi-unit townhouse ideal for long-term testing and validation of the energy performance of technologies under real-life conditions
  • the InfoCentre: Provides visitors with an overview of research projects and mock-ups of innovative technologies and materials that have previously been tested at the CCHT. The InfoCentre also includes the FlexhousingTM home design demonstrative unit which showcases how space can be adapted to an occupant's changing needs

Why work with us

We have the research facilities and human resources to help move your prototypes to deployed and accepted technologies sooner than you thought possible.

We have the expertise to:

  • assess the energy performance of systems and their capacity to improve the indoor environment
  • accelerate time to market by closing the gap between laboratory and field testing, using real-life testing environments
  • use computer simulation to extend field trial results to a full year analysis or differing climate zones
  • identify and quantify collateral benefits such as occupancy comfort and improved indoor air quality including ventilation strategies and radon protection
  • develop and validate new reliable testing methods to accommodate innovative technologies
  • perform model-based testing and validation of new concepts and design improvements.

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Chris Pezoulas,
Director, Business Development
Telephone: 613-993-9502
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