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Biologics Manufacturing Centre overview

Biologics Manufacturing Centre overview - Transcript

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[00:00:04] The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of protecting Canadians with strong and effective public health emergency response capabilities.

[00:00:14] The National Research Council of Canada was mandated by the Government of Canada to establish the new Biologics Manufacturing Centre at our Royalmount site in Montréal, Quebec.

[00:00:26] The Biologics Manufacturing Centre will support growth of Canada's biomanufacturing production capacity for the future, ensuring that large quantities of vaccines and other biologics can be safely manufactured here at home.

[00:00:42] With approximately 5,400 square metres of space, and compliant with good manufacturing practices, the new Biologics Manufacturing Centre will have a production capacity of approximately 4000 litres a month.

[00:00:57] It will have full end-to-end manufacturing capabilities – from scale-up to secondary packaging and its flexible physical configuration and two individual production lines will enable a wide variety of manufacturing options. 

[00:01:14] The NRC will be responsible for its construction, fit-up and initial operations. Once it is operational, the intent is for the Biologics Manufacturing Centre to operate as a public-private partnership.

[00:01:28] By establishing the Biologics Manufacturing Centre, the NRC is helping to accelerate access and supply of cell-based vaccines, therapeutics, and other biologics, both in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and ongoing, as we continue to advance leading-edge health technologies to protect Canadians now and into the future.

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Biologics Manufacturing Centre construction completion announcement

Biologics Manufacturing Centre completion announcement - Transcript

The honorable Minister Champagne: [00:00:05] I am very pleased to be here as we mark an important milestone in the manufacture of made-in-Canada vaccines. I am pleased to announce today that the construction of the Centre is complete. I have to say Maria, it's quite a feat that all the workers and Mitch, that we can stand in front of a building that only took 10 months to build.

Vice-president Aubrey: [00:00:37] This has been the most rewarding experience of my career. I feel highly privileged to work with such a professional, committed and skilled team and who share their knowledge without boundaries. We have all experienced our own unique set of challenges that are related to the pandemic.

President Davies: [00:00:58] Today is a big day for the NRC and serving Canadians. Now, our celebration here today is not to overlook that completing the construction and fit up is not the end of our work. It's only the beginning. The NRC was pleased to sign an agreement with Novavax earlier this year. We are now focussed next on the milestones ahead in obtaining the necessary drug establishment licence from Health Canada and working with Novavax to complete technology transfer of its vaccine and begin the production as soon as possible.

Vice-president Aubrey: [00:01:32] Today, the land on which we gather is the traditional and unceded territory of the Kanien'keha:ka (Mohawk). The Kanien'keha: ka have made great use of many wild plants that grow on this territory, not only providing nourishment, but they also carry medicinal properties. It is appropriate, therefore, to mention these contributions made to medicine and to healing, as we consider the reason we are here today and the reasons we built this facility behind us. As a public servant, and as a naturalized Canadian, I am proud to be part of this important milestone for Canada.

Biologics Manufacturing Centre construction

Biologics Manufacturing Centre construction - Transcript

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[video shows photos of a grassy field where the Biologics Manufacturing Centre will be built]

[video shows an excavator doing the excavation]

[video shows the foundation and the framing of the future Biologics Manufacturing Centre]

[video shows the structure of the future Biologics Manufacturing Centre as foundation walls are erected]

[video shows the construction of the building frame and the exterior of the facility]

[video shows the work on the ground and the steel beams that are assembled to form more of the building structure]

[video shows multiples images illustrating the progression of the construction of the National Research Council of Canada's Biologics Manufacturing Centre]

[video shows the contractors working on the site]

[video shows the exterior shell and the interior fit-up]

 [video shows images of the laboratory and some of the biomanufacturing equipment]

[video shows images of the equipment and the corridor inside the facility]

[video shows an image of the facade outside of the completed Biologics Manufacturing Centre]

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