Air cleaning technologies facility

The NRC's air cleaning technologies facility offers the industrial and commercial ventilation industries the means to optimize the design and validate the performance of air cleaning technologies that remove airborne particles and reduce ozone emissions in a building's indoor environment. The facility can help you obtain recognized industry certification for Canada and the US. It can also accommodate customized performance testing of products that remove other non-toxic contaminants.

Our capabilities

Our team of research and technical experts will leverage this facility and their expertise to:

  • validate and enhance your product's capacity to remove particles in a controlled laboratory environment using the ASHRAE 52.2 standard
  • undertake research testing to optimize the ozone removal performance of your electrostatic air cleaner using ASHRAE 145.2 standards and help you obtain certification for your product
  • challenge your product's energy efficiency and performance beyond typical ventilation conditions so that it can perform in real-life conditions as well as in extreme climatic events such as wildfires
  • perform comprehensive and comparative testing of air cleaning technologies available in the Canadian market to improve industry standards


The air cleaning technologies facility:

  • features an internal filter mounting system that allows for an air flow rate of 200 to 3000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and duct leakage of 4.5 CFM at 13" of water column
  • can validate the removal of particles ranging from 0.07 to 20 microns
  • can inject ozone at a maximum setting of 2600 parts per billion (ppb) at 375 CFM and 350 ppb at 2000 CFM for use in testing ozone removal technologies
  • is designed for measuring ozone emissions from powered air filter systems

Why work with us

We can work with you to develop the validation and optimization project most suited to meet your organization's goals, needs and budget. We will help move your project from innovative prototypes to deployed and compliant products that keep pace with market needs.

We have expertise in:

  • indoor air quality measurement, validation, and human exposure studies
  • energy efficiency and performance of ventilation, air exchanger and air purification systems
  • volatile organic compound particles, ozone and ozone emissions removal products, such as in-duct electrostatic precipitator filters
  • emission simulation, modelling and in situ measurement of ventilation rates and air change effectiveness
  • indoor air quality sensors and demand-controlled ventilation devices
  • development of new methodology and assessment tools to adequately test the performance of innovative prototypes

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Telephone: 613-993-9502


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