Advanced Technology Fabrication research facility

The Advanced Technology Fabrication (ATF) research facility is at the forefront of the next generation of photonic and electronic components that are at low- to mid-technology readiness levels for a variety of applications:

  • Communication
  • Security
  • Sensing

Our experts move novel technologies closer to a manufacturing level. The facility is a testing ground for the fabrication of prototypes and the development of new technology platforms. Our collaborators include academic, government and industry partners.

The ATF is also strategically placed within the Advanced Electronics and Photonics Research Centre. The research centre combines integrated materials (semiconductor and organic) and device (photonics and electronics) groups whose expertise complements those of the fabrication teams, creating a formidable technology ecosystem.

Our capabilities

Fabrication and process development of the following technologies:

  • Contact lithography (MJB3 and EVG 150)
  • E-beam lithography (Jeol JBX-6000S/E)
  • HTG DUV flood exposure unit
  • Spectroline UV crosslinker
  • Matrix remote plasma asher
  • Tergeo-EM PIE plasma cleaner
  • YES HMDS primer
  • Solitec spinner
  • KS spinner
  • Oxford Plasmalab 100+ ICP for III-Vs
  • Oxford Plasmalab 100+ ICP for Oxides and Si
  • NRC RIE etcher
  • KOH wet bench
  • Wet benches
  • FilmTek 2000 reflectometer
  • NanoSpec reflectometer
  • Woollam VASE (Variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer)
  • Dektak 150 profilometer
  • Tencor P-17 profilometer
  • FSM 500TC stress analyzer
  • SiN and a-Si Oxford Plasmalab 100+ PECVD
  • Al2O3/TiO2/ KJL ALD system
Metallization and electrical characterization
  • Johnsen UltraVac e-beam deposition
  • Edwards 306 Thermal Evaporator
  • AllWin RTAs
  • MicroXact vacuum annealer and probe station
  • Room temperature manual probe station
Back end
  • Logitech Lap (MP5)/polish (PM2) units
  • Logitech high-speed Tribo CMP
  • ADT 7100 Dicing saw
  • LSD-100 Loomis scriber
  • KS manual scribers
  • Nikon L200N High magnification optical microscopes
  • Hitachi S-4700 SEM
  • Olympus measuring microscope

Why work with us

The NRC has the largest concentration of expertise and facilities in photonic devices, photonics materials and semiconductor device fabrication in Canada. Our researchers are internationally recognized leaders in their fields of expertise, which include silicon photonics, high-performance laser design and material science.

We are the only organization in Canada with a proven ability to support partners in bringing new photonic products from the concept stage, through materials and design development to early commercialization.

By working with us and using our superior technology and technical support, you will gain a distinct competitive advantage in the global communications sector.

Contact us

Mohammad Salahuddin
Business Development Officer
Advanced Electronics and Photonics Research Centre


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