Tetrazine monomers and copolymers for use in organic electronic devices [Express]



The present invention relates to tetrazine monomers, copolymers produced from such tetrazine monomers, processes for preparing copolymers comprising tetrazine monomers and to uses of the copolymers in organic electronic devices. Organic materials have a wide variety of properties, which can be easily adjusted by molecular structure design.

Technology transfer

This technology is available for licensing. There is an opportunity for this invention to be developed for particular applications and for demonstration of the final product through a collaborative research project. The business opportunity may be referred to by its NRC ID: 12288.

Market applications

Applications for this technology are of particular interest to the electronic sector in the production of PV photovoltaic solar cells.

How it works

A method of altering a molecular structure of a copolymer of formula 1, by using various substituents. Such copolymers may be synthesized from monomers of formula 2, by Stille or Suzuki coupling reactions. Such monomers may be synthesized by a variation of the Pinner synthesis.


  • Cost-effective processing
  • Good thermal stability
  • High power conversion efficiencies


NRC file 12288:

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