Process and apparatus for synthesis of nanotubes [Express]



Carbon nanotubes hold great promise in many areas of both technology and fundamental research. This invention advantageously allows nanoparticles to be controlled, ultimately permitting consistency over size and chirality of the nanotubes formed. In addition, the process allows the synthesis of single-walled or multi-walled nanotubes. An apparatus for synthesizing carbon nanotubes is provided, comprising of a container, a laser source, an atomizer, a furnace and a collector.

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Market applications

Applications for nanotubes are numerous in all sectors where composites are needed. Successful applications require chemical modifications and these can be done using the offered technologies. Examples of applications include field emission, conductive plastics, fuel cells, conductive adhesives, ceramics and transparent armour. For an in-depth list of applications, please see:

How it works

This invention relates to a process for the formation of carbon nanotubes, which comprises of a laser ablation of a bulk metal catalyst with a hydrocarbon solution to produce a feedstock containing metal catalyst nanoparticles. The feedstock is atomized to form a feedstock aerosol. The aerosol is heated to form nanotubes. The nanotubes so formed can be collected and used for any number of applications. Feedstock during the ablation step can be pre-determined so as to obtain a particular type of nanotube.


  • Cost effective
  • Scalable
  • Highly controllable


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