Optical catheter with rotary optical cap [Express]



The present invention relates to an optical catheter with a motorized rotary optical cap for 360 degree azimuthal scanning of the beam. This design eliminates the problem of wires crossing the scanning beam, and provides a reliable, relatively inexpensively made assembly and use.

Technology transfer

This technology is available for licensing. There is an opportunity for this invention to be developed for particular applications and for demonstration of the final product through a collaborative research project. The business opportunity may be referred to by its NRC ID: 12236.

Market applications

Application for this technology is of interest to the healthcare sector, particularly in the field of optical diagnosis, where catheters having small diameters that require reliable rotation are required.

How it works

A scanning optical head for a catheter is locally controlled by a motor at an insertion end of the catheter using a hollow motor (e.g., a squiggle motor) through which a longitudinal optical path of the catheter passes, which in turn avoids having to the rotate the whole fibre and eliminates light reflection.


  • Reduces damage to the body
  • Relatively low production cost
  • Significantly reduces scanning errors
  • Diameter size smaller than 2mm
  • Stable and accurate beam scanning


NRC file 12236:

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