Method of synthesizing colloidal nanocrystals [Express]



The present invention relates to the field of semi-conductor nanocrystal technology, and in particular to the synthesis of semi-conductor nanocrystals which can be used for various applications.

Technology transfer

This technology is available for licensing. There is an opportunity for this invention to be developed for particular applications and for demonstration of the final product through a collaborative research project. The business opportunity may be referred to by its NRC ID: 11540.

Market applications

Applications for this technology are of particular interest to the healthcare sector, solar energy, conversion, optoelectronic devices and ultrasensitive detection.

How it works

Semi-conductor nanocrystals are nanoparticles composed of an inorganic crystalline semi-conductive material and have unique photophysical, photochemical and nonlinear optical properties arising from quantum size effects. A method of making nanocrystals involves adding a chalcogen source to a hot solution of a metal-containing non-organometallic compound in a first ligand solvent and preferably subsequently cooling the resulting mixture to a lower temperature to grow the nanocrystals at lower temperature. The method can involve either one- ligand or two-ligand systems.


  • Synthetic route is shorter and more cost effective
  • Easy to prepare high-quality nanoparticles of various sizes
  • Possible to make two-component nanocrystals
  • Can be formed without the use of acid and at lower temperatures


NRC file 11540:

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