Growth of gallium nitride on sapphire with magnetron sputter epitaxy-grown buffer layer [Express]



The present invention relates to the growth of gallium nitride (GaN) and like materials on a sapphire substrate in order to improve the performance of high power microwave metal –semiconductor field-effect transistors.

Technology transfer

This technology is available for licensing. There is an opportunity for this invention to be developed for particular applications and for demonstration of the final product through a collaborative research project. The business opportunity may be referred to by its NRC ID: 11030.

Market applications

Applications for this technology are of particular interest to the power utility technology, communications, defense and security sectors.

How it works

GaN-based devices are fueling tremendous application potentials in solid state lighting and power electronics. The epitaxial growth of high-quality GaN depends critically on the deposition of a suitable buffer layer prior to the growth of the GaN layer. The present invention reveals a unique method to deposit such a buffer layer. The buffer layer is an aluminium nitride buffer layer. The deposition method is called magnetron sputter epitaxy (MSE). The thickness of such buffer layer is about 20 nm. Using such buffer layer, GaN epitaxal layers with high room temperature mobility of 560 cm2/Vs have been successfully grown. This invention describes a detailed procedure of the MSE buffer technique, which could bring significant improvement of GaN material quality that is critical to various applications.


  • High brightness light emitting diodes
  • High power microwave transistors
  • High crystalline quality


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