NRC facilities and expertise in bioanalytical micro-nano devices


Demonstration of NRC facilities and expertise in bioanalytical micro-nano devices. Our experts use techniques such as centrifugal microfluidics, thermal nanoimprint lithography and injection moulding to create fully-functional lab-on-a-chip systems, thereby providing complete biomarker or pathogen detection solutions in the food safety, cancer, and infectious diseases fields.

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On screen: National Research Council, Boucherville, Quebec

On screen: Working to bring your ideas to reality

On screen: End to End Solutions

On screen: Team of 26 Experts / Experienced Staff to Develop Solutions

On screen: Lab on chip applications:

  • Food & Water Safety
  • Precision & Personalized Medicine
  • Sample Preparation
  • Purification & Capture Cartridges
  • Detection of Pathogens

On screen: Conception & Prototyping

On screen: State of the Art Facilities

On screen: Electron Beam Deposition System

On screen: Deep Reactive Ion Etching

On screen: Hot Embossing Nanoimprint System

On screen: High Volume Hot Embossing Nanoimprint System

On screen: Up to 200 mm Substrate Size

On screen: Automated Nanoimprint Process

On screen: 3D Laser Scanning Microscopy

On screen: Scanning Electron Microscope

On screen: Advance Industrial Manufacturing Platform

On screen: Low Cost / Scalable

On screen: From Idea to Working Prototype

On screen: Robust / Portable / Testing Platforms

On screen: Faster Testing

On screen: Your Functional Prototype

On screen: Protein / Blood / DNA / Antibodies / Cancer / Cell Capture / In Vitro / Diagnostic / Isolation & Analysis