Global Aerospace Centre for Icing and Environmental Research (GLACIER)


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On screen: Global Aerospace Centre for Icing and Environmental Research (GLACIER) facility

On screen: NRC has over 75 years of aviation icing expertise

On screen: GLACIER is a specialized 8-metre diameter icing wind tunnel

On screen: Capable of testing most of the world's largest aircraft engines

On screen: NRC developed, owns, operates, calibrates and maintains the spray mast system

On screen: 8 metre inlet diameter, 14 metre outside diameter

On screen: Testing capabilties:

  • thrust: 150,000 pounds
  • supercooled liquid
  • supercooled large droplets greater than 100 microns
  • ice crystals

On screen: Testing at GLACIER is part of the engine certification process

On screen: Covers the full range of icing requirements for airworthiness authorities

On screen: Jointly owned by Pratt & Whitney Canada and Rolls Royce Canada
Managed and operated by MDS Aero Test

On screen: National Research Council Canada

On screen: Canada Wordmark