Helicopter flight research activities


NRC experts from the Aerospace Research Centre are conducting helicopter flight research activities at Ottawa International Airport and in the vicinity of Casselman and Embrun from June 27 to July 8, 2022. This critical work focuses on advancing aerospace knowledge and research in aircraft handling qualities, pilot induced oscillations and human factors.

Training test pilots on handling unusual conditions is a fundamental step to ensuring flight safety in Canada and around the world. Owning the only helicopter with these specific capabilities, the NRC offers unique training services, which are the only path to graduation for test pilot students.

We recognize that these activities may cause noise disturbances in the surrounding communities. To minimize the impact of the helicopter flight research activities, the NRC ensured that all flight plans complied with Canadian Aviation Regulations and are planned to limit noise disturbances as much as possible. We appreciate your cooperation as we conduct this critical work, over a limited time period.