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With Canadian smelters producing more than 50% of the aluminium used in the North American market, Canada has taken a leadership role in expanding the use and acceptance of aluminium in manufactured products. The National Research Council of Canada is spearheading national research efforts for the development of innovative aluminium products for ground transportation vehicles.

ALTec industrial R&D group is a multi-client collaboration project which allows its members to share costs and risks, associated with aluminium R&D, and gain access to NRC's experts and exceptional facilities, all under one roof. ALTec's activities are focused on three areas of R&D: manufacturing of advanced aluminium components; assembly of aluminium and multi-material components; and durability and performance evaluation and solutions.

"NRC helped us validate and understand corrosion's effects on the assembly of dissimilar metals. Concrete results supported by clear explanations have enabled us to develop new, lighter and less costly designs while minimizing the risks identified at the start of the project." – David Croteau, Eng., Mechanical Product Expert, Prévost

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What is ALTec?

ALTec is an industrial R&D Group that brings the latest advancement related to aluminium manufacturing and assembly to its member companies. ALTec acts as an innovation catalyst by creating a research community involving participants from the entire value chain, from raw material manufacturers to major prime contractors whose main interest lies in lightweighting vehicles and land transportation through the use of aluminium.

The goal of ALTec is to solve common industry challenges through pre-competitive research projects. The results of these projects will improve member companies' capabilities in manufacturing, assembling and evaluating the durability of advanced aluminium or multi-material components with tailored properties.

ALTec projects 2017-2018

Manufacturing of advanced aluminium components

  • Alloy and process development for the high productivity production of aluminium hot-stamped lightweight structural components
    • Determine proper 6xxx and 7xxx aluminium alloys.
    • Develop hot stamping procedures to form aluminum structural components.
    • Validate the process as a whole with the fabrication of prototype parts.
  • High-integrity aluminium die-casting technology for structural automotive applications
    • To improve the current high pressure die casting technologies and alloys to produce high integrity key structural components such as for shock towersand frame nodes for vehicle bodies.
  • Design and production of large hollow extrusions with thin walls
    • To design and extrude large hollow profiles with thin walls according tostandard industrial practices while maintaining good tolerances, mechanical properties and weldability.
  • Dieless forming of complex sheet metal components
    • To develop an innovative concept that uses 2 forming tools controlled by 2 industrial robots with the help of a highly integrated multidisciplinary team: design, high-fidelity simulations, advanced mechatronics, automatic generation of trajectories with compensation using real time 3D vision, as well as non-destructive control of the formed parts to ensure their quality.
  • Scandium-strengthened high-pressure die-cast (HPDC) aluminum alloys for structural assemblies
    • To optimize the heat treatment as well as to evaluate the mechanical and corrosion resistance of Aural 2-Sr strengthened with scandium and its assemblies.

Assembling of aluminium and multimaterial components

  • Friction stir welding (FSW) process development and multi-material welded assembly for structural applications
    • Multi-material assembly for automotive and ground transportation markets;
    • Assembly of high structural integrity for the automotive and ground transportation market.
  • One line semi-automated "dust-free grit blast-silane" surface treatment
    • To develop a functional one-line silane-treater integrated dust-free Grit Blast surface treatment system.
  • Resistance spot welding (RSW) advanced variants development: multi-material and indirect joining
    • This project will develop RSW advanced variants (multi-material joint stack-up and indirect technique) suitable for production implementation within actual ALTec members.

Corrosion control and performance validation of lightweight materials and assemblies

  • Development of a design support tool and accelerated structural integrity qualification procedure for corrosion resistance assessment of multi-materials assemblies incorporating high-strength aluminium alloys
    • Development of standard design guidelines and structural integrity qualification procedures that can be used by OEMs, while being implemented by government regulators.
Our members
  • Aluminium Association of Canada
  • Aluminium Valley Society
  • AluQuébec
  • Centre québécois de recherche et de développement de l'aluminium (CQRDA)
  • Consortium de recherche et d'innovation en transformation métallique (CRITM)
  • Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation du Québec
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Prima Québec
  • Rio Tinto
  • TRANS-AL Network
  • Moulage sous pression AMT
  • Arplas USA
  • Bombardier Transport Canada
  • BRP
  • Bühler AG
  • Camarc
  • Cana-Datum Moulds
  • Clean TeQ
  • Cosma International of America
  • Dajcor Aluminum
  • Ford Motor
  • Deere & Company
  • Lincoln Electric Canada
  • Magna Exteriors
  • Manac
  • Novelis
  • Prevost Division Group Volvo Canada
  • Raufoss Automotive Components
  • Shiloh Industries
  • Sodecia North America
  • Trumpf
  • Vari-Form
  • Verbom
Why join ALTec?
  • Gain access to unique technologies and confidential R&D results
  • Be part of cutting-edge R&D projects at an affordable cost
  • Make use of skills and expertise that align with your priorities
  • Control, minimize and share the risks associated with new technology development
  • Obtain comprehensive, reliable results you can adapt to your needs
  • Expand your technical capabilities and become more competitive with improved quality, cost and turnaround times
How does ALTec work?

R&D activities are carried out according to priorities of ALTec members. The results are delivered to members on a continuous basis through face-to-face technology transfer group meetings, WebEx sessions and individual member support.

Contact us

Membership in ALTec Industrial R&D Group is currently open. For more information on how to become a member, please contact:

Marie-Christine Gagnon, Project Manager
Telephone: 418-545-5214
LinkedIn: Marie-Christine Gagnon

Targeted industries

Parts manufacturers for light-duty vehicles (cars, vans and pickups), heavy duty vehicles (buses, truck, trailers and specialized vehicles), rail industry (passenger and freight) and recreational vehicles.