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Canada-UK Call for Proposals on Enhanced Industrial Productivity 2019

From: National Research Council Canada

1. Call description

The aim of the joint Canada-United Kingdom (UK) Call for Proposals on Enhanced Industrial Productivity is to foster and support eligible UK and Canadian organizations in pursuing collaborative projects that will deliver enhanced competitiveness via the development and application of novel technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), advanced manufacturing, and food production.

Funding to foster enhanced industrial productivity projects is available for eligible consortia of Canadian and UK organizations and researchers as outlined below. Project results are expected to contribute to the development of commercial products, processes and/or technical services.

This EUREKA bilateral call for proposals is managed by Innovate UK and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), including the NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP).

Applicants are advised to read the following information carefully.

2. Key dates and milestones

3. Scope

The call for proposals is organized into two themes:

Projects under either of these themes must have applications in one of two sectors:

Themes and sectors are defined as follows:

Themes (applicable to both sectors)

Theme 1: Enabling technologies

Enabling technology projects are focused on the development of pre-commercial technologies that address an identified need in the area of food quality and processing, or advanced manufacturing (including clean energy). The technology must incorporate the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) in addressing a performance limiting problem.

Projects can focus on:

The following examples illustrate some potential enabling technology projects:

Theme 2: Enhanced productivity

Enhanced productivity projects are focused on de-risking and integrating technologies into operationally ready pre-commercial solutions that address an identified business need in the area of advanced manufacturing or food production. While solutions that include AI or ML are welcome under the enhanced productivity theme, there is no requirement or expectation that enhanced productivity projects include either AI or ML.

Sectors (applicable to both themes)

Sector 1: Food processing

Sector 2: Advanced manufacturing, including clean energy materials

4. Eligibility

Project proposals must be prepared and submitted together by companies in Canada and the UK according to the following eligibility criteria.

Project eligibility

To be eligible through this call, projects must contribute to the development of commercial products, processes and/or technical services within 2 to 5 years of the completion of the project. Note: in the case of the enabling technologies theme, the commercialization horizon may be relaxed.

Project proposals must demonstrate:

Projects must comply with the following requirements:

Projects involving research and development of products, processes or technologies with military and/or non-peaceful applications are not eligible for funding.

Consortium eligibility

In order to be eligible for funding through this call for proposals, project consortia must include, at the minimum, participants as described below.

Theme 1: Enabling technologies

An enabling technologies project consortium must include at a minimum 4 participants:

And must be led by 1 of these 4 participants.

Theme 2: Enhanced productivity

An enhanced productivity project consortium must include at a minimum 2 participants:

And must be led by 1 of these 2 participants.

Definition of participant types

Eligible participant types are defined below. The specific eligibility for each organization under Theme 1 or Theme 2 should be confirmed with your National Funding Body (Innovate UK or the NRC) as appropriate.

Any partner whose cooperative industrial R&D project is consistent with the aforementioned requirements can apply to the present call for proposals in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect.

5. Funding value and matching funds

The UK and Canada will jointly select proposals according to the norms, conditions and funding limits of each National Funding Body.

Canadian participants in a supported project may share funding of up to approximately $300K over 24 months.

UK participants in a supported project may share funding of up to £200K over 24 months.

Although the type and value of individual contributions allocated to a R&D project may vary, one country cannot represent more than 75% of the total eligible project costs.

6. Proposal submission process

IMPORTANT: Each interested partner must contact their local funding agency before starting a project application. Applicants who do not contact their funding agency in advance of submitting their application may be ineligible for support through this call for proposals.

Stage 1: Registration

Canadian applicants must first register online in order to receive an Expression of Interest form. Please click on the Register button below to complete the online registration form with all required information.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) must be received before the mandatory Canadian Expression of Interest application form submission cut-off identified in Section 2. Feedback will be provided on initial project scope and Canadian applicants' eligibility for funding.

EOIs will be reviewed to determine if your organization, project, and consortium meet Canadian eligibility guidelines for this call for proposals. Only those who are eligible will be invited to submit a full project proposal.

Lead Applicant

Each project consortium must choose one project partner to be the Lead Applicant. The Lead Applicant must register on the Innovate UK secure server. A unique login and application number will be provided to the Lead Applicant along with access to all proposal forms and templates, including:

IMPORTANT: Lead Applicant registration will close one week prior to the International Consortium Project Proposal submission deadline.

Stage 2: EUREKA project form

EUREKA is the program through which this call for proposals is being delivered and Lead Applicants must download the EUREKA project form on behalf of their consortium. The EUREKA project form is the form in which the consortium will provide the main description of the project, information about the project team, and the expected benefits of the project.

The project consortium must work together to complete the EUREKA project form and all required documents as instructed by the National Funding Bodies. Should the project consortium have questions regarding applicant eligibility, call for proposal processes, or the application templates and forms, support is available from the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) in the UK and from the NRC in Canada.

EUREKA is an intergovernmental network launched in 1985 with the aim to support market-oriented R&D and innovation projects by industry, research centres, and universities across all technological sectors. It offers unparalleled international networking to over 40 economies, providing project participants access to new markets, technologies, skills, and resources. EUREKA promotes and supports market-oriented international R&D&I project generation and facilitates access to finance for companies involved in its projects. Selected projects will be submitted to EUREKA for project labelling.

Stage 3: Submission of International Consortium Project Proposal

Prior to the International Consortium Project Proposal submission deadline identified in Section 2, all requested material must be submitted via the Innovate UK secure server using the unique login and application number provided to the Lead Applicant during registration. Applicants are responsible to verify that all documents are completed and submitted as instructed. Proposals which are missing required documents or are otherwise incomplete may be deemed ineligible for funding.

Stage 4: Evaluation and selection of projects

Innovate UK and the NRC will carry out independent evaluations of each complete International Consortium Project Proposal application in accordance with national requirements. Applicant proposals will be assessed against the business opportunity, the technical merit, the credibility of the team, and the viability of the project plan. In the UK, the evaluation panel is chaired by Innovate UK. In Canada, the Theme 1 evaluation panel is chaired by the NRC's AI for Design program officer, and the Theme 2 evaluation panel is chaired by the NRC IRAP UK national program coordinator.

A proposal is considered selected under this call for proposals if both Innovate UK and the NRC jointly decide to approve and fund it.

Innovate UK and the NRC will submit selected projects to EUREKA for labelling.

Stage 5: National funding processes

After project selection applicants may be required to submit a National Funding Proposal or other documents in order to finalize funding contribution agreements with their National Funding Bodies.

Project applicants whose projects are selected through this call for proposals will receive instructions from their National Funding Body regarding these processes. Any questions about funding agreement processes should be directed to the applicant's National Funding Body.

7. Contact us

Theme 1: Enabling technologies
Andrew Pender, AI for Design Program Advisor
National Research Council of Canada, Digital Technologies Research Centre
Theme 2: Enhanced productivity
Gordon Jolly, IRAP UK National Program Coordinator
National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP)

United Kingdom
Nicole Ballantyne, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Manufacturing
Knowledge Transfer Network