NRC's commitment

The NRC is committed to minimizing the impact of its disruptive activities on its neighbouring communities. To that effect, we have taken several measures to reduce noise and odours stemming from our operations. These measures are listed below.

Mitigation Activity Status
Noise Studies
M-6 Heating Plant Plate Cooler Study Complete
M-6 Heating Plant Noise Study Complete
M-10 Test Cell 3 Noise Study Complete
M-10F Rooftop and Building Acoustical Study Complete
M-10 8 Mega Watt Compressor Piping Noise Study Complete
M-11 Air Supply (IATS) Blow-off Noise Study Complete
M-11 Ambient Exhaust Noise Study Complete
M-12 Roof Top Fan Noise Study Complete
M-46 Wind Tunnel Monitoring Complete
Community Background Noise Study Complete
Community Noise Study Complete
Electrical Yard Noise Review Complete
M-10 Silencer assessment In progress
Odour Panel and Chemical Analysis Studies
M-6 Heating Plant Boiler Efficiency Testing Complete
Odour Panel Study of Stack Emissions Complete
M-10F Thermal Oxidizer Design and Installation In progress
Constant Emissions Monitoring and Calibration System Complete
Silencer and Noise Insulation Purchases and Installations
M-6 Heating Plant Plate Cooler Complete
M-10 Altitude Facility (RATFAC) Air Intake Silencer Complete
M-10F Air Intake Louver Silencers Complete
M-10F Test Cell Door Replacement Complete
M-10F Silencer Gate Valve Installation Complete
M-10F Pipe Lagging Complete
M-10F Stack Lagging In progress
M-10F Roof Top Noise Barrier Complete
M-10 8 Mega Watt Compressor Air Intake Louver Replacement Complete
M-10 8 Mega Watt Compressor Pipe Noise insulation Complete
M-11 Ambient Exhaust Silencer Complete
M-11 Air Supply (IATS) Blow-off Silencer Complete
M-12 Roof Top Fan Replacement and Modification to Settings Complete
M-46 Wind Tunnel Blow-off Silencer Complete
Engineering Structural Reviews
M-10 Building Exhaust Fan Silencers Complete
M-10 High Bay Make-Up Air Intake Silencers Complete
M-10 Altitude Facility (RATFAC) Intake System Overhaul Complete
M-10 8 Mega Watt Intake Silencer Complete
M-10 8 Mega Watt Exhaust Lagging Complete
M-10 F Rooftop Noise Barrier Complete
M-11 Compressor Silencer Complete
M-11 Dehydration Unit Blow-off Valve Silencer Complete
M-11 Roof Top Chiller Enclosures Complete
M-11 System Exhaust Fan Enclosure Complete
M-19 Road Side Chiller Replacement/Relocations Complete
M-46 Wind tunnel Acoustical Design Review Complete
M-46 Intake Fan - Review of Active Noise Cancellation Complete
Equipment Purchases and Equipment Upgrade
Emission Analysis System Complete
Meteorological Station Hardware Upgrades Complete
Meteorological Station Software Upgrades for Real-time Data Complete
Noise Monitoring Equipment Complete
Constant Noise Monitoring System Complete