Research involving human participants


The health and the well-being of our communities is of outmost importance. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and in keeping with guidance and recommendations from public health agencies, any research carried out or supported by the National Research Council that involves in-person human participation will instead be carried out using virtual tools. If it is not feasible to undertake the research project without in-person research interaction, then the project will be temporarily suspended pending further notice.

Learn more about the NRC's commitment to high ethical standards in research involving humans and get details about the policies and standards of the NRC Research Ethics Board, which reviews all NRC research involving human participants for approval.


Policies and processes

Advisory Statement on Human Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Research

Ethical principles the NRC follows when reviewing research driven by big data and artificial intelligence applications

Criteria for review

Criteria guiding review of applications for ethics approval of projects that involve human participants

Guidance on completing applications and forms

Information about applying for ethics approval to an NRC research ethics board

NRC policy for research involving human participants

About the NRC's commitment to excellence in ethics and respect for human dignity in research

Research Ethics Board

About the board

Overview of the NRC Research Ethics Board, meeting schedule, membership

Standard Operating Procedures

Procedures that support the work of the NRC Research Ethics Board