Values and ethics

Learn about the NRC's commitment to pursuing excellence in research and innovation, read related policies and procedures, and understand the different options for reporting potential ethics violations.

Policies and processes

Access to Information and Privacy Acts (ATIP)

About Canada's Access to Information Act, ATIP Online Request Service, and annual reports to Parliament

Code of Conduct

Values, behaviours, codes, roles, and responsibilities NRC employees must follow

Conflict of Interest

NRC policy on managing conflicts between employee and manager personal interests and official duties

Disclosure Protection Act

About the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act

Harassment and violence prevention and resolution

NRC policies on harassment prevention and conflict resolution, directive on the harassment complaint process, other resources

Research and Scientific Integrity

NRC policies and guidelines on research and scientific integrity

Statement on Research Security

The NRC's statement on research security

Animal Care Committee Terms of Reference

Mandate, operations, membership, responsibilities and other related information

Research involving human participants

NRC policies and processes on research involving human participants

Responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI)

Guiding principles, directive on automated decision-making, Algorithmic Impact Assessment, guide on the use of generative AI, and more