National Research Council Canada 2024-25 Departmental plan at a glance

The National Research Council Canada (NRC)'s departmental plan describes the NRC's priorities, plans and associated costs for the upcoming three fiscal years.

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Key priorities

The NRC's plan focuses on four overlapping research priorities that will help respond to current challenges and opportunities facing Canadians, and build upon the NRC's existing strengths:

  • climate change and sustainability;
  • health and biomanufacturing;
  • digital and quantum technologies; and
  • foundational research.

The NRC will also continue to improve how it conducts its work by:

  • prioritizing the health and safety of employees, collaborators and clients;
  • fostering an inclusive approach to innovation;
  • reinforcing research and organizational excellence; and
  • strengthening the NRC's connection to business.

Emphasising continuous improvement in these areas will help the NRC attract and retain the diverse people and capabilities needed to deliver on its research priorities.

Refocusing Government Spending

In Budget 2023, the government committed to reducing spending by $14.1 billion over the next five years, starting in 2023-24, and by $4.1 billion annually after that.

To help meet this commitment, the NRC is planning the following spending reductions.

  • 2024-25: $10,443,461
  • 2025-26: $14,928,288
  • 2026-27 and after: $21,064,962

The NRC will achieve these reductions by doing the following:

  • Enhancing the value of revenue generating activities;
  • ongoing modest adjustments in the management of the workforce;
  • reducing the envelope of grants and contributions funding available; and
  • continuing to review expenditures for travel and professional services to ensure they provide the best value in achieving the organization's research and innovation mandate.

The figures in this departmental plan reflect these reductions.


The NRC's Departmental Results Framework is organized by the NRC's core responsibilities, the results it plans to achieve, and the performance indicators that measure progress toward these results.

Science and Innovation

Departmental results:

  • Scientific and technological knowledge advances
  • Innovative businesses grow
  • Evidence-based solutions inform decisions in Government priority areas

Planned spending: $1,595,142,974

Planned human resources: 4,399.1

The NRC will advance scientific and technological knowledge through exploratory research in key research areas such as quantum science, artificial intelligence and digital technologies, astronomy and astrophysics, and measurement science.

The NRC will help innovative businesses grow by conducting collaborative research, applying new processes and techniques, and building partnerships, all of which have the potential to create new products and services for Canadians. The NRC will continue to connect innovators with expertise and facilities, both domestic and international.

The NRC will advance government priorities, such as securing Canada's health and biomanufacturing capacity, improving Canada's ability to adapt to climate change and renewing relationships with Indigenous peoples, all through the use of evidence-based solutions and high-quality collaborative research.

Further, the NRC continues to renew and recapitalize its facilities and labs as well as advance its own digital transformation. The NRC will begin leveraging its new procurement authorities while fostering a diverse and healthy workforce reinforced by a safety-first culture.

More information about Science and Innovation can be found in the full departmental plan.