Gender-based analysis plus

General information

Governance structures

The NRC is integrating GBA+ into its Operational Planning process for 2018-19. As part of operational priorities for 2019-20 aligned with the NRC's Strategic Plan, GBA+ commitments will be included in such areas as:

  • Existing and new R&D initiatives of NRC programs;
  • Capability building
  • Key activities related to the implementation of Health, Safety and Environment initiatives; and
  • Experimentation to deliver policies, processes or services.

A tracking and reporting mechanism for GBA Plus commitments and their implementation by NRC programs will be implemented.

The Responsibility Centre for GBA+, established in the division of the NRC's Secretary General, will undertake more extensive GBA+ training for policy analysis for NRC initiatives seeking approval/endorsement/funding, and will also be available to provide advice on GBA+ to NRC programs.

Human Resources 0.2 full-time equivalents
Planned Initiatives As GBA+ commitments are included in the NRC's operational plans and move toward implementation in NRC programs, GBA+ analysis will be undertaken during the program planning and design process. The NRC's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy will serve as a tool to increase diversity and inclusiveness in the NRC workforce and NRC's engagements as a partner/collaborator.