National Research Council (NRC) carries out evaluations of its research centres, branches, programs and initiatives, led by a team of highly qualified evaluation professionals. Evaluations help us understand the relevance, success and cost-effectiveness of NRC.

The results of this work provide NRC Senior Management with recommendations for improvements, used in strategic planning, performance and risk management. Summaries of recent evaluation reports are listed below. Complete copies of each report can be obtained by contacting the Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator at atip-aiprp@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca.

2019-2020 evaluations

2018-2019 evaluations

2017-2018 evaluations

2016-2017 evaluations

2015-2016 evaluations

2014-2015 evaluations

2013-2014 evaluations

2012-2013 evaluations


For prior evaluations, please consult the Treasury Board Secretariat Reviews, Audits and Evaluation Database.