Departmental Plan (DP) 2018‑19 - Horizontal initiatives

General information

Name of horizontal initiative Genomics R&D Initiative ( GRDI )
Lead department(s) National Research Council Canada ( NRC )
Federal partner organization(s) Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Health Canada (HC), National Research Council Canada (NRC), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) received a onetime allocation in 1999-2000.
Non-federal and non-governmental partner(s) Not applicable
Start date of the horizontal initiative April 1999, renewed in 2002-03, 2005-06, 2008-09, 2011-12, and 2014-15
End date of the horizontal initiative March 2019
Description of the horizontal initiative The Genomics R&D Initiative (GRDI) supports genomics research inside federal government laboratories. It focuses on mandates and priorities of participating departments and agencies. Research supported by the GRDI covers areas such as health care, food safety and global food security, sound management of natural resources, a sustainable and competitive agriculture sector, and environmental protection, with collaboration with university and private sectors. Since the implementation of the GRDI in 1999, participating departments and agencies have built a solid genomics research capacity and have gone a long way to deliver on the Initiative's stated objectives, as confirmed by two independent evaluations (2006 and 2011) and an audit by the Office of the Comptroller General (2012). Additional information may be found on the GRDI web site.
Governance structures

An interdepartmental Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) Coordinating Committee (CC) has been established to oversee collective management and coordination of the federal GRDI. It is chaired by the lead agency (NRC) with membership at the ADM-level from each of the organizations receiving funding and guest representatives from Industry Canada and Genome Canada. It is responsible for the overall strategic direction for the GRDI and approval of investment priorities. It ensures that effective priority setting mechanisms are established within departments and agencies, and that government objectives and priorities are addressed. The Committee also ensures that common management principles are implemented and collaborations between organizations are pursued wherever relevant and possible. It typically meets three times a year at the call of the Chair, more often when warranted by specific needs for decision-making.

An Interdepartmental Working Group (WG) supports the work of the committee. It is chaired by the lead agency (NRC) with membership at the Director level from all participating departments/agencies, and Industry Canada. The mandate of the WG is to provide recommendations and strategic advice to the ADM CC regarding strategic priority setting and overall management of the GRDI. The WG is responsible for providing direction to GRDI program activities related to operational delivery, implementation planning and investment priority setting. The WG also supports evaluation and reporting requirements related to the Initiative. It meets about every two months, more often when warranted by specific needs for recommendations and advice, as well as to develop and approve the GRDI Annual Performance Report.

A Coordination Function, housed at NRC, provides GRDI-wide program coordination, communication, networking and outreach support. This includes support to the ADM CC and the GRDI WG, transparent and effective communication to departments of the planning cycle, process requirements, financial administration and other project management requirements, and support for interdepartmental shared project planning and implementation. This function is also responsible for conducting studies and analyses to serve as input to determination of GRDI-wide research priorities, and providing management and administration support, as well as support for performance management, reporting, evaluation, and communications.

Total federal funding allocated (start to end date) (dollars) 393,300,000
Total federal planned spending to date (dollars) 353,500,000
Total federal actual spending to date (dollars) 352,106,000
Date of last renewal of the horizontal initiative 2014-04-03
Total federal funding allocated at the last renewal and source of funding (dollars) $42,100,000 as announced in Budget 2013
Additional federal funding received after the last renewal (dollars) Not applicable
Funding contributed by non federal and non governmental partners (dollars) Not applicable
Fiscal year of planned completion of next evaluation 2021-22
Shared outcome of federal partners

The GRDI Horizontal Performance Measurement Strategy was updated for Phase VI. The updated version covers fiscal years 2014-2015 to 2018-2019 and formalizes the roles and responsibilities of the eight departments and agencies involved in the Initiative to support effective monitoring and evaluation activities. It presents three intermediate outcomes:

  1. Federal science departments and agencies are positioned as genomics research leaders;
  2. Research results are used to inform government regulatory, policy, and/or resource management decisions; and
  3. Research results are used by stakeholders to support innovation in Canada; contributing to the Government of Canada Outcomes: Healthy Canadians; Strong economic growth; An innovative and knowledge-based economy; and A clean and healthy environment.
Performance indicator(s)

GDRI is managed using a comprehensive performance measurement framework to gauge progress towards the above 3 shared outcomes. Examples of performance indicators include:

  1. Scientific production and impact in genomics
  2. Case analysis of examples where risk assessment, regulatory, policy, and resource management decisions have been informed by GRDI research (federal, provincial, municipal)
  3. Case analysis of examples where innovative tools and processes have been adopted in Canada based upon GRDI research

Targets for the above examples are:

  1. On par or better than other genomics researchers in Canada
  2. Positive impact based on qualitative case study analysis
  3. Positive impact based on qualitative case study analysis
Expected outcome or result of non-federal and non governmental partners Not applicable
Name of theme Not applicable
Planning highlights

Fiscal year 2018-19 is the fifth year of GRDI Phase VI. Phase VI seeks to:

  1. address shared priorities through horizontal integration and effective collaborations around interdepartmental projects; and
  2. support the priorities, policies and mandates of government through concerted high calibre genomics research in areas where federal laboratories have distinct roles and competencies.

The development of interdepartmental projects, while continuing to invest in mandated research, was initiated under Phase V and proved to be an effective mechanism to ensure continued relevance and impact of the GRDI for Canadians. The overall risk related to the funding and delivery of the GRDI program was evaluated during the planning stages of the 2010 GRDI evaluation, and was found to be medium-low.

Contact information Roman Szumski
Vice-President, Life Sciences
National Research Council Canada
(613) 993-9244

Planning Information

Planning summary

All monetary amounts are expressed in dollars.

Federal organizations Link to department's Program Inventory Horizontal initiative activities Total federal allocation (from start to end date) (dollars) 2018–19 Planned spending (dollars) 2018–19 Expected results 2018–19 Performance indicators 2018–19 Targets Date to achieve target
AAFC Science, Innovation, Adoption and Sustainability Canadian Crop Genomics Initiative ( CCGI ) 108,500,000 4,440,000

Table 3 note ER1

Table 3 Note 1

Table 3 note PI1

Table 3 note T1

CFIA Food Safety Program, Animal Health and Zoonotics Program, Plant Resources Program GRDI 3,600,000 720,000

Table 3 note ER2

Table 3 Note 2

Table 3 note PI2.1

Table 3 note PI2.2

Table 3 note T2.1

Table 3 note T2.2

DFO Biotechnology and Genomics National Aquatic Biotechnology and Genomics R&D Strategy 16,495,000 720,000

Table 3 note ER3

Table 3 Note 3

Table 3 note PI3

Table 3 note T3

ECCC Climate Change and Clean Air Strategic Technology Applications of Genomics in the Environment ( STAGE ) 18,550,000 800,000

Table 3 note ER4

Table 3 Note 4

Table 3 note PI4

Table 3 note T4

HC Canadian Health System Policy
Health Care System Analysis and Policy
GRDI 53,123,617 105,905

Table 3 note ER5

Table 3 Note 5

Table 3 note PI5

Table 3 note T5

Health Products
Biologics & Radiopharmaceuticals
GRDI 2,136,042 776,930
Food Safety and Nutrition
Food Safety
GRDI 930,461 122,619
Environmental Risks to Health
Health Impacts of Chemicals
GRDI 2,909,880 594,546

Aquatic and Crop Resource Development

Human Health Therapeutics

GRDI 108,500,000 4,440,000

Table 3 note ER6

Table 3 Note 6

Table 3 note ER7

Table 3 Note 7

Table 3 note PI6

Table 3 note PI7.1

Table 3 note PI7.2

Table 3 note T6

Table 3 note T7.1

Table 3 note T7.2

Shared Priorities 28,855,000 3,980,000

Table 3 note ER8

Table 3 Note 8

Table 3 note PI8

Table 3 note T8

NRCan Innovation for New Products and Processes GRDI 36,100,000 1,600,000

Table 3 note ER9

Table 3 Note 9

Table 3 note PI9

Table 3 note T9

PHAC Public Health Infrastructure GRDI 13,100,000 1,600,000

Table 3 note ER10

Table 3 Note 10

Table 3 note PI10.1

Table 3 note PI10.2

Table 3 note T10.1

Table 3 note T10.2

CIHR N/A N/A 500,000 0 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Total for all federal organizations 393,300,000 19,900,000