Departmental Plan (DP) 2018‑19 - Gender-based analysis plus

Gender-based analysis plus

General information

Governance structures

NRC is formalizing its GBA+ framework, accountability and reporting mechanism for implementation in 2018-19. In particular:

  • A Responsibility Centre for GBA+ is being established in NRC's Policy and Governance division. Therein two existing resources have been trained in the subject and are undertaking policy analysis for NRC initiatives seeking approval/endorsement/funding from departments in the core administration;
  • NRC Vice-Presidents will be accountable for the inclusion and implementation of GBA+ commitments in NRC programs as part of NRC's operational planning process in 2018-19; and
  • A tracking and reporting mechanism for GBA+ commitments and their implementation by NRC programs will be established.
Human Resources 0.2 full-time equivalents
Planned Initiatives NRC initiative targeted to increase the percentage of women in STEM careers through the hiring of more women in post-doctoral positions.