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The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) offers a number of videos that present information about our facilities, our research and our employees.

Videos related to National Research Council Canada
Title Research centre Description Topics Preview
Attosecond science Security and Disruptive Technologies Dr. Paul Corkum explains attosecond science Attosecond science, physics, science
Biomedical nanotechnologies Nanotechnology We design, synthesize and test nanomaterials for the ability to manipulate biological systems. Facilities and equipment
Discover drone testing at the NRC Aerospace Research Centre Our experts from the Aerospace Research Centre are testing small drones in urban airflow features at our Propulsion and Icing Wind Tunnel. Drones, Unmanned aircraft systems, transportation
Nexus Lab at the Nanotechnology Research Centre Nanotechnology Our Nexus Lab can help you perform design-to-manufacture activities. Facilities and equipment
Cutting edge microscopy at the Nanotechnology Research Centre Nanotechnology Our microscopy characterization capabilities can help you achieve your goals. Facilities and equipment
Canadian vertical lift autonomy demonstration Aerospace Twentieth century science fiction writers often featured flying cars and self-driving automobiles in their stories. While we haven't quite reached that vision yet, researchers at the National Research Council of Canada's (NRC) Aerospace Research Centre are well on their way to it. Cool science
Discover the NRC's Aerospace Research Centre Aerospace Discover how the NRC's Aerospace Research Centre is supporting the industry through innovation. Facilities and equipment
NRC PowerBlade Medical Devices The PowerBlade is a centrifugal device developed by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). It is used with microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices to automate and simplify medical sample preparation and analysis. Cool science
Super magnet assembly to improve optical systems Nanotechnology Researchers at the Nanotechnology Research Centre have coupled two pairs of super magnets to correct image distortions with low power consumption. Cool science
METALTec's high-productivity laser welding project Automotive and surface transportation Discover how the METALTec Industrial R&D group is helping businesses address Industry 4.0 challenges in the metal manufacturing sector. Advanced manufacturing
Biologics Manufacturing Centre overview Human Health Therapeutics The Biologics Manufacturing Centre is a new end-to-end biomanufacturing facility that will be used to manufacture vaccines and other biologics. Facilities and equipment
What's killing galaxies in extreme regions of the nearby Universe? Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Centre A Canadian-led team of 36 astronomers has just completed the largest imaging survey of molecular gas in one of the most extreme regions of the Universe, the Virgo Cluster. Cool science
Dr. Gerhard Herzberg : The legend and the legacy Security and Disruptive Technologies Visit the Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Museum Cool science
Mining Sensors Hub Energy, Mining and Environment This is the place to scan rolling stones! Facilities and equipment
Biologics Manufacturing Centre construction Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre The construction of the new Biologics Manufacturing Centre Facilities and equipment
Biologics Manufacturing Centre construction completion announcement Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre Announcement that construction of the Biologics Manufacturing Centre is complete Facilities and equipment
NanoMi transmission electron microscope Nanotechnology The world's first open source scanning transmission electron microscope Facilities and equipment
NRC's Integrated Aerial Mobility program: the future of flight is now Aerospace The program draws on expertise in aerospace, energy, advanced materials and digital technologies to overcome the technical and regulatory challenges of the next generation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Cool science
Centre for air travel research Aerospace A realistic and flexible air travel environment for development, design and evaluation purposes. Facilities and equipment
50th anniversary of the 9 m wind tunnel Aerospace Since 1970, the 9 m wind tunnel has been used to improve the aerodynamic performance of air, sea, and ground vehicles and structures from around the world. Cool science
Material for Clean Fuels Challenge program Energy, Mining and Environment Developing clean technologies to meet Canada's climate change targets. Challenge program
High-throughput and Secure Networks Challenge program Advanced Electronics and Photonics Developing innovative technologies for fast and secure networks. Challenge program
360° video : Joint Attosecond Science Laboratory Security and Disruptive Technologies Home of the world's most influential groups in femtosecond and attosecond science Facilities and equipment
360° video : Climatic Testing Facility Automotive and Surface Transportation Facility designed to test equipment and vehicles under an exceptionally wide range of thermal and environmental conditions. Facilities and equipment
360° video: Manufacturing and Automotive Innovation Hub research facility Automotive and Surface Transportation A collaborative workspace for leading-edge research in advanced manufacturing and connected and autonomous vehicle technologies. Facilities and equipment
The NRC's 3 m x 6 m propulsion icing wind tunnel Aerospace The 3 m x 6 m propulsion icing wind tunnel can accommodate full-scale, full-speed, cold temperature tests with fluids. Facilities and equipment
360° video – The NRC's Aerial Robotics Laboratory Aerospace An indoor drone testing environment for the development of contact-based drone applications on elevated structures. Facilities and equipment
Happy New Year from the National Research Council of Canada Metrology Father time Alan Steele, Canada's Chief Metrologist and Director General of the Metrology Research Centre wishes everyone a happy New Year on behalf of the NRC. Overview
NRC's defence and security expertise NRC The NRC provides expertise and creative defense and security solutions on land, in the air and at sea. Cool science
NRC research highlights for 2018 NRC 2018: A year of ground-breaking science achievements at the NRC. Overview
Advancing knowledge and scientific boundaries NRC The NRC leverages research in science & technology to prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow. Overview
NRC flies the world's first civil jet powered by 100 percent biofuel Aerospace   Cool science
360° video: Battery Prototyping Laboratory Automotive and Surface Transportation The NRC's battery prototyping laboratory in Boucherville, Quebec, develops innovative industry-grade manufacturing processes for lithium-ion batteries. Cool science
Dominion Astrophysical Observatory research facility Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics On May 6, 1918, the Plaskett telescope captured its first light, thus inaugurating the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory. Facilities and equipment
A behind-the-scenes look at the work of Canada's timekeepers Metrology Curious about the relationship between cesium atoms and time keeping? Dr. Louis Marmet explains how cesium atoms are used to record Canada's official time. Cool science
The NRC's 50-year history supporting Canada's Olympic athletes Aerospace For the past 50 years, NRC researchers have been helping Canadian athletes reach their full potential. Cool science
Annick D'Auteuil, the NRC's sports aerodynamics expert Aerospace Meet Annick D'Auteuil, the NRC's sports aerodynamics expert who helps Canadian athletes win Olympic medals. Who we are
The importance of aerodynamics for sports Aerospace NRC Researcher in aerodynamics Annick D'Auteuil studies drag force with Canadian athletes. Cool science
Simulation and digital health Medical Devices Medical task simulation and digital health at the NRC's Medical Devices Research Centre. Facilities and equipment
Cold spray of a permanent magnet to the inside surface of a cylinder Automotive and Surface Transportation Demonstration: Cold spray of a permanent magnet to the inside surface of a cylinder. Cool science
Harsh environment sensing Security and Disruptive Technologies Demonstration: Use of fibre Bragg gratings in harsh environments. Cool science
High sensitivity trace gas sensing Security and Disruptive Technologies Demonstration: High sensitivity trace gas sensing with mid-infrared lasers for absorption spectroscopy. Facilities and equipment
Global Aerospace Centre for Icing and Environmental Research (GLACIER) Aerospace The NRC's GLACIER facility enables icing testing of full size jet engines at ground-level. Facilities and equipment
Altitude icing wind tunnel Aerospace The Altitude Icing Wind Tunnel recreates atmospheric icing conditions. Facilities and equipment
The Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre Advanced Electronics and Photonics Services and expertise provided by the Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre. Facilities and equipment
NRC facilities and expertise in bioanalytical micro-nano devices Medical Devices Demonstration: NRC facilities and expertise in bioanalytical micro-nano devices. Facilities and equipment
Blueprint to data Aerospace The NRC's capabilities in design, fabrication, and testing to help you with all your design needs. Facilities and equipment
Metrology is the science of measurement Metrology Metrology is part of everyday life. Just look around you to see it. Cool science
Bioenergy technology innovation Aerospace   Facilities and equipment
Nafiseh Ebrahimi - Employee profile Construction   Who we are
360o video: Hydrogen Laboratory Energy, Mining and Environment Where we perform leading-edge R&D into fuel cells, electrolysis and other hydrogen technologies. Facilities and equipment
360o video: Cell culture pilot plant Human Health Therapeutics The NRC's cell culture facility provides expertise and capacity in process development and scale-up for biologics and vaccines. Facilities and equipment
360o video: Microbial Fermentation Pilot Plant Human Health Therapeutics The NRC's microbial fermentation facility offers a range of expertise and capacity in microbial physiology, bioprocess development, purification and optimization. Facilities and equipment
360o video: Battery performance and safety evaluation research facility Energy, Mining and Environment The NRC's Battery performance and safety evaluation research facility in Ottawa, Ontario, tests energy storage devices under a variety of situations and operational conditions to evaluate safety and performance. Facilities and equipment