Past presidents and chairs of the National Research Council of Canada


As Canada and the needs of Canadians have evolved, so too has the NRC - the root of much of the country's science and technology infrastructure. The following individuals have led the organization through its many adaptations to respond to Canada's most pressing challenges.

Year President
2016 - present Iain S. Stewart
2010 - 2016 John R. McDougall
2005 - 2010 Pierre Coulombe
1994 - 2004 Arthur J. Carty
1989 - 1994 Pierre O. Perron
1980 - 1989 J. Larkin Kerwin
1967 - 1980 William G. Schneider
1963 - 1967 Bristow G. Ballard
1952 - 1962 Edgar W. R. Steacie
1944 - 1952 Chalmers J. Mackenzie
1935 - 1944 Andrew G. L. McNaughton
1923 - 1935 Henry M. Tory
1922 - 1923 Frank D. Adams
1921 - 1922 Robert. A. Ross
1921 Robert F. Ruttan
1916 - 1921 Archibald B. Macallum

Feature series on the NRC's past presidents

This series is inspired by Wilfrid Eggleston's National Research in Canada: The NRC 1916-1966, which chronicles the NRC's evolution from a small advisory body to a vital national organization.

Pierre Coulombe

Pierre Coulombe, who served as NRC president from 2005 to 2010, understood the multidisciplinary nature of science and technology and had a strong vision of "one NRC"—an organization uniquely positioned as a national resource for science and technology-based innovation in Canada.

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Pierre Perron

Pierre O. Perron, a performance-oriented researcher who served as president of the NRC from 1989 to 1994, spearheaded the completion of the NRC's transformation to the institute model with a fearless management style.

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Arthur Carty

Arthur J. Carty, an entrepreneurial scientist who served as president of the NRC from 1994 to 2004, balanced cluster development and commercialization with fundamental research strengths.

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