NRC research highlights for 2018

NRC research highlights for 2018 - Transcript

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2018 has been a year of ground-breaking science achievements.

  • We made wheat more resilient and productive for farmers
  • We developed a single quantum dot laser for faster optical communication
  • We launched a world first – the Centre for Air Travel Research
  • We developed a spray technology that will revolutionize electric motors
  • We helped Canada's building and infrastructure become more climate resilient
  • We worked with partners to preserve and revitalize Indigenous languages
  • We leveraged ultrasonic technology to improve the safety of miners
  • We celebrated 100 years of astronomical discovery
  • We developed a process to produce a new Ebola vaccine
  • We launched the Government of Canada's first live trial of blockchain technology
  • We renewed Canada's EUREKA membership to support international co-innovation
  • We developed a miniaturized lab to analyze medical samples during space travels
  • We contributed to the redefinition of the kilogram
  • We reduced foodborne illnesses through smart processing and packaging
  • We won an international award for our contributions to ice engineering
  • Paul Corkum received the highest accolade of the UK's Institute of Physics
  • We helped innovative businesses connect to the global research community

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