Dr. Aleksander Patrzykat

A professional headshot of Dr. Patrzykat.

Director General, Aquatic Crop Resource Development Research Centre

Dr. Aleksander Patrzykat is the director general of the NRC's Aquatic Crop Resource Development Research Centre. Previous to this, he was the director of research for the research centre's East region.

Dr. Patrzykat joined the NRC in 2002. He has held various roles at the NRC including director of strategic initiatives for the Aquatic Crop Resource Development Research Centre, executive director of the Algal Carbon Conversion Flagship program, senior technology development and commercialization officer as well as several research positions. Throughout his career, he has always strived to lead researchers, projects and programs to achieve tangible results to help tackle real-world challenges.

Dr. Patrzykat holds a PhD in microbiology from the University of British Columbia and a BSc in life sciences from Queen's University. Most of his research has focused on antimicrobial peptides derived from aquatic sources.