Brochure: A better Canada and world through excellence in research and innovation

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) works with Canadian industry and academic partners to take research impacts from the lab to the marketplace. Our market-driven focus delivers innovation faster so Canadians can experience the benefits. We are responsive, creative and uniquely placed to invest and partner in strategic R&D programming in Canada and abroad to address future critical issues.

Announced in the fall of 2022, the Government of Canada is investing $962.2M over eight years and $121.1M ongoing to renew the NRC's facilities and real property as part of the modernization of the NRC. These investments in scientific infrastructure will provide Canadian researchers with access to state-of-the-art research equipment and facilities, accelerating innovation and supporting Canadian companies in developing new technologies.

Our commitment to Canada:

  • advance scientific and technical knowledge
  • support government policy objectives

Our areas of emphasis:

  • support to business innovation
  • climate action and sustainability
  • health and biomanufacturing
  • quantum and digital
  • inclusive innovation
  • research excellence and organizational excellence

Our expertise at a glance:

  • 2,286 scientists, engineers, technicians and other specialists
  • 262 NRC IRAP industrial technology advisors
  • 126 major R&D facilities
  • 24 laboratory locations
  • 14 research centres across Canada with R&D expertise in areas such as:
    • aerospace engineering
    • advanced digital manufacturing
    • artificial intelligence
    • quantum computing
    • astronomy
    • photonics and semiconductor devices
    • high-throughput DNA sequencing
    • cell and gene therapy and biomanufacturing
  • $468M in grant and contribution funding invested in small and medium-sized enterprises working on game-changing science and technology initiatives

Our technical and advisory services enable businesses to find innovative ways to overcome limited workforce resources and product performance limits. Our specialized services range from testing and certifications to calibration, prototyping, demonstrations, scale-up and consulting.

Our licensing opportunities allow Canadian industry partners to access our intellectual property, technology, knowledge and know-how to attract investment and market-ready solutions that will drive revenue and increase commercial value.

Our research facilities help researchers across Canada and innovative businesses to pursue leading-edge R&D opportunities in Canada, while lowering the risks associated with R&D and accelerating product development.

Our funded collaborative programs support advanced R&D leading to scientific discoveries and innovation. Grant and contribution funding is available through our National Program Office to collaborators who offer complementary expertise.

Learn about how the NRC can support your innovation efforts with strategic and collaborative research centres, scientific and technical advisory services, and licensing opportunities.

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