Biography: Maria Aubrey

Vice-President, Business and Professional Services

In her role as Vice-President of Business and Professional Services, Maria Aubrey is responsible for Knowledge, Information and Technology Services, National Programs and Business Services, International Innovation Office, Design and Fabrication Services and Strategic Initiatives Office.

From 2020 to 2023, as Vice-President of Strategic Initiatives, Ms. Aubrey led the establishment and operationalization of the good manufacturing practices (GMP) compliant Biologics Manufacturing Centre. She oversaw the facility's construction and ensured the facility received its drug establishment licence, enabling the production of vaccines and other biologics for human use.

Ms. Aubrey then took a leave of absence from the NRC to act as the Biologics Manufacturing Centre's interim CEO to oversee the successful transition of the facility's governance and operations to a not-for-profit corporation, Biologics Manufacturing Centre (BMC) Inc.

In addition to the above, since joining the NRC, in 2015, Ms. Aubrey has held senior management positions including Vice-President, Business and Professional Services from May 2015 to July 2020, and Acting President of the NRC from March to August 2016.

Prior to joining the NRC, Ms. Aubrey had an extensive career in the private sector and in a not-for-profit organization, where she held progressive senior management positions, which provided her with solid knowledge and experience in day-to-day operations, leadership, business management, stakeholder engagement, governance and compliance.