Biography: Dr. Guillermo Ordorica-Garcia

Dr. Guillermo Ordorica-Garcia

Director General
Nanotechnology Research Centre

In February 2018, Dr. Guillermo Ordorica-Garcia was appointed Director General of the Nanotechnology Research Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Previously the Director of Research and Development at NRC's Energy Mining and Environment Research Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Dr. Ordorica-Garcia has led research teams and managed capabilities in materials science, energy conversion and storage, and chemical processing.  As a career research scientist, he has authored dozens of technical papers and scientific publications in oil sands, solar energy, and carbon capture and storage. During his tenure at the Alberta Research Council (now InnoTech Alberta), he held various positions managing applied research and development activities, notably, as program leader and team leader, in the Clean Energy portfolio. He has ample experience working with both private and public sector organizations, on collaborative partnerships, and in large research initiatives in clean energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation. 

Dr. Ordorica-Garcia is a passionate believer in leadership, collaboration, and capability management. Throughout his career, he has fostered scientific collaborations with Canadian universities, devoting concerted efforts to developing Canada's next generation of science and technology leaders. He has led multi-disciplinary and diverse research teams across the country and played a significant role in linking Canadian research activities with international efforts like the International Energy Agency's Greenhouse Gas R&D Program and SolarPACES.

Dr. Ordorica-Garcia holds Ph.D. and MASc degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, specializing in process systems engineering and GHG emissions mitigation. He is a life-long safety advocate and the proud recipient of an NRC Outstanding Achievement Award in Occupational Health and Safety.

He is a car enthusiast, an avid magazine reader, and a fan of wrist watches.