Biography: Aled Edwards

Aled Edwards

Council Member

Dr. Edwards is a scientist who now runs a multinational research organization called the Structural Genomics Consortium ( SGC ), which is funded by foundations, governments and companies. As a driver of a new movement called "open science", the SGC carries out science relevant to drug discovery and places all the results into the public domain without patenting anything.

As part of this effort, Al has started a new drug company called M4K Pharma (Meds 4 Kids), the first company that shares its science openly and is committing to price any new drug affordably. Al is also a Professor of Molecular Biology in Toronto and Oxford, is an Ashoka Fellow for social entrepreneurship, and was the science consultant for the TV series REGENESIS. He also has published a couple of hundred very geeky scientific papers.

Dr. Edwards was appointed to the NRC Council in June 2018.