NRC directory of science professionals

This directory lists some of the NRC’s talented researchers and professionals. Click on the names to view their profiles and learn more about their projects, their passions, and their contributions in advancing science and technology for Canadians.


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Janelle Sauvageau
Associate Research Officer
Human Health Therapeutics
Expertise: Health, Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry, Vaccine
Janice Schmidt
Technical Officer
Aquatic and Crop Resource Development
Expertise: Agriculture, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Oilseed, Genomics, Molecular genetics, Plant, Biology, Sciences
Jasper Arthur
Assistant Research Officer
Automotive and Surface Transportation
Expertise: Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Network, Optimization, Computer Vision, Processing, Digital technology, Human-computer interaction, Internet of things, Connectivity, Software, Materials, Composites, Polymers, Sciences, Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Technology, Robotics, Simulation & Numerical Modelling, Transportation, Aviation, Road
Senior Research Officer
Digital Technologies
Expertise: Information Technology, Computer science, Human-computer interaction
Jennifer Hill
Senior Research Officer
Human Health Therapeutics
Expertise: Health, Analytical Method Development, Biotherapeutics, Cancer, Genomics, Information Technology, Big Data
Jennifer Veitch
Principal Research Officer
Expertise: Economics and Industry, Human resources, Demand-side Management, Energy, Energy End Use, Standards, Regulation & Enforcement, Environmental Policy, Environment, Green technologies, Urban, Sustainability, Scientific research, Sciences, Applied Psychology, Psychology, Social Sciences
Jenny Atwood
Research Council Officer, Optical and Infrared
Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics
Expertise: Sciences, Engineering
Jieying Zhang
Senior Research Officer
Expertise: Environment, Sustainability, Materials, Concrete, Minerals and Metals, Corrosion, Sciences, Engineering, Structural Engineering
Joel Corbin
Associate Research Officer
Expertise: Earth Sciences, Measurement Technologies & Methodologies, Energy, Air Emissions, Liquified Natural Gas, Volatile Organic Compounds, Health, Air, Sciences, Scientific research, Transportation, Aviation, Marine
Joey Sheff
Associate Research Officer
Human Health Therapeutics
Expertise: Health, Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Method Development, Biotherapeutics, Chemistry