NRC directory of science professionals


This directory lists some of the NRC’s talented researchers and professionals. Click on the names to view their profiles and learn more about their projects, their passions, and their contributions in advancing science and technology for Canadians.

Kenneth Bosnick
Senior Research Officer
Expertise: Materials, Composites, Engineered materials, Equipment, Intelligent systems, Materials for Energy Technologies, Nanomaterials, Processing, Scientific equipment, Security Materials Tech, Nanotechnology, Technology
Lawrence Charlebois
Senior Project Manager
Energy, Mining and Environment
Expertise: Earth Sciences, Environment, Mapping, Natural Hazards, Technology, Transportation
Leonid Nichman
Associate Research Officer
Expertise: Economics and Industry, Manufacturing industry, Air, Environment, Arctic & Northern, Weather & Meteorology, Microscopy, Materials, Polymer Composites, Scientific equipment, Materials, Chemistry, Sciences, Physical sciences
Senior Research Officer
Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics
Expertise: Space sciences, Observational astronomy, Astronomy
Louis Poirier
RCO, Cold Regions Technologies
Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering
Expertise: Sciences, Cold Region Engineering, Engineering, Physical sciences, Physics, Scientific research
Lu Yang
Senior Research Officer
Expertise: Sciences, Chemistry
Madeline Marshall
Assistant Research Officer
Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics
Expertise: Space sciences, Astronomy, Observational astronomy
Marc-Antoine Drouin
Senior Research Officer
Digital Technologies
Expertise: Information Technology, Acquiring, Computer Vision, Analyzing, Processing
Senior Research Officer
Human Health Therapeutics
Expertise: Health, Cancer, Neurosciences, Pharmacokinetics/Dynamics, Pharmacology
Mark Salomons
Team Lead, Developmental and Analytical Microscopy
Expertise: Sciences, Scientific research