NRC directory of science professionals


This directory lists some of the NRC’s talented researchers and professionals. Click on the names to view their profiles and learn more about their projects, their passions, and their contributions in advancing science and technology for Canadians.

Abhishek Gaur
Assistant Research Officer
Expertise: Environment, Climate change adaptation, Climate, Trends and variability, Climate Change and Processes, Geographic data, Mapping, Risk assessment, Natural Hazards, Simulation & Numerical Modelling, Technology
Aidan Pine
Research Council Officer, Indigenous Languages Technologies
Digital Technologies
Expertise: Information Technology, Computer science
Alexandre (Alex) Walker
Associate Research Officer
Advanced Electronics and Photonics
Expertise: Data processing, Information Technology, Modelling Software, Semiconductors, Sensors, Materials
Alexandre Gariépy
Associate Research Officer
Automotive and Surface Transportation
Expertise: Sciences, Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Material processing, Mechanical Engineering
Alexis Laforgue
Senior Research Officer
Automotive and Surface Transportation
Expertise: Energy, Batteries, Energy Storage, Materials for Energy Technologies, Materials, Chemistry, Eco-responsible Materials, Materials for Energy Technologies, Polymer Composites, Polymers, Processing, Smart Materials, Technology, Nanotechnology
Alison Ferrie
Principal Research Officer
Aquatic and Crop Resource Development
Expertise: Agriculture, Agri-Food, Biotechnology, Plant reproduction, Novel-trait plants, Plant, Botany, Plants
Andre Moreau
Vol-NRC Retiree
Energy, Mining and Environment
Expertise: Materials, Processing, Metallurgy, Minerals and Metals, Non-destructive Testing (NDT), Atomics, molecular and optical physics, Physics, Sciences
Asmae Mokrini
Senior Research Officer
Automotive and Surface Transportation
Expertise: Energy, Batteries, Fuel Cells, Materials for Energy Technologies, Materials for Energy Technologies, Materials, Processing, Material processing, Engineering, Sciences, Nanotechnology, Technology
Barry Wood
Vol-NRC Retiree
Expertise: Sciences, Electricity and Magnetism, Metrology, Mass and related quantities
Benoit Simard
Principal Research Officer
Security and Disruptive Technologies
Expertise: Materials, Materials technology