Zaineb Al-Faesly

Roles and responsibilities

I joined the National Research Council Canada in 2022 as a Technical Advisor with Codes Canada. In 2019, I worked with the Seismic Resilience team, and from 2021 to 2022, I was involved with the Climate Resilient Built Environment project working on climate resilient dams. I am presently part of the Energy Efficiency team working on code development for the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings and the National Building Code of Canada.

Current research and/or projects

The main focus of my work is to lead the work of the Task Group on Operational Greenhouse Gas Emissions whose goal is to address operational greenhouse gas emissions in Canada

My main ongoing job responsibilities include:

  • Providing technical advice and administrative support to the Standing Committees (SC) of the Canadian Board for Harmonized Construction Codes (CBHCC) in the development of the Canadian National Model Codes at Codes Canada
  • Developing and maintaining a knowledge and understanding of the initiatives, policies, and programs at NRC and in the construction industry in general, and an awareness of the technology events and trends that impact on the Canadian National Model Codes in order to advise the SCs and the CBHCC, and aid them in sound decision making
  • Researching and maintaining a knowledge and understanding of building sciences, engineering and economics involved in the application of technology to design and construction
  • Identifying areas requiring study and undertaking research in those areas, assisting in technical discussion, and writing papers on the findings for consideration by the standing committees and task groups as required
  • Making and giving presentations to stakeholders and code user groups on code-related matters such as education and training initiatives, and introduction of changes to the codes
  • Maintaining CMS up-to-date to facilitate transfer of information between Technical Committees, Canadian Board for Harmonized Construction Codes, and P&M


Master of Applied Science in Structural Engineering, University of Ottawa, 2021

Thesis Research:             Feasibility of Reuse in the Concrete Industry

Scholarships:                   Excellence Scholarship and Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering, University of Ottawa, 2018

Double Specialization:     Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Option

                                         Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Option

Professional activities/interests

Government Liaison Representative for Professional Engineers Ontario

Engineering Ambassador for the University of Ottawa


PCL Constructors Leadership Award – PCL Construction, 2022

Colloquium in Construction 1st Place Winner – Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, 2021

Melek G. Akben WISE Memorial Scholarship – Women in Science and Engineering,  2020

Three Minute Thesis 1st Place Winner – University of Ottawa, 2020

Engineering Intern of the Year Award – Professional Engineers Ontario, 2020

Vale Engineering Ambassador Award – Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation, 2017


Engineering Intern of Professional Engineers Ontario

Key publications

Al-Faesly, Z., Noël, M. (2023). The Feasibility of Reuse in the Concrete Industry. In: , et al. Proceedings of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering Annual Conference 2021 . CSCE 2021. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 251. Springer, Singapore.

Zaineb Al-Faesly

Technical Advisor
1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Preferred language: English
Other(s): Arabic, French

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