Timothy (Tim) Davidge

Roles and responsibilities

I am a member of the Canadian Gemini Office, where I apply my expertise to the use of optical and IR spectrographs, and also the reduction and analysis of data obtained from these devices.

I am also the Canadian co-chair of the Thirty Meter Telescope Science Advisory Committee.

I maintain an active research program (see below).

Current research and/or projects

Throughout my career I have been interested in the evolution of stars and galaxies. At present I am focused on the evolution of close binary star systems, with emphasis on those that are experiencing the initial stages of mass transfer.

Research and/or project statements

Maintaining an active research program is of fundamental importance to develop and demonstrate expertise that is relevant to the Canadian astronomy community. I apply my expertise in observational astronomy, astronomical instrumentation, and observatory operations to assist the NRC in its mandate to operate and develop major Canadian observing facilities.


Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria 1987 (Colin Scarfe supervisor)

M.Sc. in Physics with specialization in Astrophysics, University of Calgary 1981 (Gene Milone supervisor)

B.Sc with Honours in Astrophysics, University of Calgary 1980



Key publications

During the past ten years I have published 27 papers in mainstream peer-reviewed journals, and I have been first author for 23 of these. Want more? Check out:





Previous work experience

1998 - present: Astronomer, NRC

1992-1998: Canadian Gemini Astronomer, UBC

1987-1992: Resident Astronomer, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Timothy (Tim) Davidge

Principal Research Officer
Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics
5071 West Saanich Road
Victoria, British Columbia V9E 2E7
Preferred language: English
Telephone: 250-363-0047


Space sciences, Astronomy, Observational astronomy