Shahrear Iqbal

Roles and responsibilities

I am a Research officer in the Cybersecurity team of the Digital Technologies research center.

Current research and/or projects

My general research interests are in the security of computer systems and networks. They encompass the following specific areas:

  • Provenance-based intrusion detection systems
  • Using machine learning techniques for security analytics and automation
  • Security of machine learning models
  • Secure and intelligent operating systems for smart devices
  • Software engineering for building secure software


Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2017

Queen's University


  • December 2022. Rising Star. Digital Technologies Research Centre (DT), NRC.
    • For an individual who, during his/her formative years with DT, has contributed far beyond expectations and who exemplifies NRC Values.
      1. Demontrates initiatives and potential as a future leader in his/her field or area of expertise;
      2. Achieves outcome that align with DT's strategic objectives, surpass expectations, and generate sustainable benefits with long-lasting impact for Canadians.

Key publications

Shahrear Iqbal

Shahrear Iqbal

Associate Research Officer
Digital Technologies
46 Dineen Drive
Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 9W4
Preferred language: English
Telephone: 506-444-0397


Sciences, Scientific research