Sateesh Kagale


Roles and responsibilities

  • Research Scientist, Crop genetics and genomics
  • Team Leader, Research Associates team
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Saskatchewan

Current research and/or projects

My current research focuses on application of genome analysis and editing technologies for crop improvement

Research and/or project statements

  • Canola genetic enhancement: The goal of this project is to generate genetic variation in canola seed quality traits, including the quantity, quality and processability of seed protein, oil and fibre.
  • Meiosis and recombination: My research group is focused on developing advanced genetic and genomic resources to characterize and enhance meiotic recombination to create novel gene combinations for crop breeding.
  • Gene editing platform: We have developed a breeder-friendly gene editing platform to improve agronomics and seed quality of crop varieties.


  • Ph.D. Biology, Western University (formerly University of Western Ontario), 2007
  • M.Sc. Plant Pathology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, 2001
  • B.Sc. Agriculture, University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad, 1999


  • Canadian Society of Plant Biologists
  • SynBio Canada


  • Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Science Award, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (2017)
  • Award of Recognition for Leadership Excellence, Aquatic and Crop Resource development Research Centre (2016) 
  • Gold Harvest Award, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (2015)

Key publications

  • Shunmugam, A.S.K., Bollina, V., Dukowic-Schulze, S., Bhowmik, P.K., Ambrose, C., Higgins, J.D., Pozniak, C., Sharpe, A.G., Rozwadowski, K., and Kagale, S. (2018). MeioCapture: an efficient method for staging and isolation of meiocytes in the prophase I sub-stages of meiosis in wheat. BMC plant biology, 18: 293.
  • Bhowmik, P., Ellison, E., Polley, B., Bollina, V., Kulkarni, M., Ghanbarnia, K., Song, H., Gao, C., Voytas, D.F., and Kagale, S. (2018). Targeted mutagenesis in wheat microspores using CRISPR/Cas9. Scientific reports, 8: 6502.
  • Kulkarni, M., Soolanayakanahally, R., Ogawa, S., Uga, Y., Selvaraj, M.G., and Kagale, S. (2017). Drought response in wheat: key genes and regulatory mechanisms controlling root system architecture and transpiration efficiency. Frontiers in Chemistry, 5: 106.
  • Kagale, S., Nixon, J., Khedikar, Y., Pasha, A., Provart, N.J., Clarke, W.E., Bollina, V., Robinson, S.J., Coutu, C., Hegedus, D.D., Sharpe, A.G., and Parkin, I.A. (2016). The developmental transcriptome atlas of the biofuel crop Camelina sativa. Plant journal, 88: 879-894.
  • Kagale, S., Robinson, S.J., Nixon, J., Xiao, R., Huebert, T., Condie, J., Kessler, D., Clarke, W.E., Edger, P.P., Links, M.G., Sharpe, A.G., and Parkin, I.A. (2014). Polyploid evolution of the Brassicaceae during the Cenozoic era. Plant cell, 26: 2777-2791.
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  • Parkin, I.A., Koh, C., Tang, H., Robinson, S.J., Kagale, S., Clarke, W.E., Town, C.D., Nixon, J., Krishnakumar, V., Bidwell, S.L., Denoeud, F., Belcram, H., Links, M.G., Just, J., Clarke, C., Bender, T., Huebert, T., Mason, A.S., Pires, J.C., Barker, G., Moore, J., Walley, P.G., Manoli, S., Batley, J., Edwards, D., Nelson, M.N., Wang, X., Paterson, A.H., King, G., Bancroft, I., Chalhoub, B., and Sharpe, A.G. (2014). Transcriptome and methylome profiling reveals relics of genome dominance in the mesopolyploid Brassica oleracea. Genome Biology, 15: R77.
  • Borg, M., Rutley, N., Kagale, S., Hamamura, Y., Gherghinoiu, M., Kumar, S., Sari, U., Esparza-Franco, M.A., Sakamoto, W., Rozwadowski, K., Higashiyama, T., and Twell, D. (2014). An EAR-Dependent Regulatory Module Promotes Male Germ Cell Division and Sperm Fertility in Arabidopsis. Plant cell, 26: 2098-2113.
  • Kagale, S., and Rozwadowski, K. (2011). EAR motif-mediated transcriptional repression in plants: an underlying mechanism for epigenetic regulation of gene expression. Epigenetics, 6: 141-146.
  • Kagale, S., Links, M.G., and Rozwadowski, K. (2010). Genome-wide analysis of ethylene-responsive element binding factor-associated amphiphilic repression motif-containing transcriptional regulators in Arabidopsis. Plant physiology, 152: 1109-1134.
Sateesh Kagale

Sateesh Kagale

Associate Research Officer
Aquatic and Crop Resource Development
110 Gymnasium Place
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 0W9
Preferred language: English
Telephone: 306-975-4194

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