Robert Black

Roles and responsibilities

Research Officer at NRC Mississauga

Initiative and project lead with activities related to accelerated material discovery, laboratory automation, and applied machine learning/AI for experimentation

Research interests in the areas of green energy and electrochemistry (electrocatalysis, energy storage), high-throughput/intelligent throughput experimentation, in-situ/operando characterization, and data science

Current research and/or projects

Self-driving laboratory for accelerated material discovery of OER catalysts

In-situ/Operando characterization methods for the CO2 reduction reaction

Printable compostable batteries


Research and/or project statements

Accelerating the experimental workflow through coupling of automation, machine learning, and data infrastructure for a paradigm shift in the way we conduct research.


PhD, Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology) - University of Waterloo


Alliance for AI-Accelerated Material Discovery (A3MD)

Acceleration Consortium (AC)

Materials for Clean Fuels Challenge Program (MCF)

Robert Black

Robert Black

Associate Research Officer
Clean Energy Innovation
2620 Speakman drive
Mississauga, Ontario L5K 1B1
Preferred language: English
Telephone: 416-829-5079


Energy, Advanced / Alternative Fuels, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Data Science