Pengcheng Xi

Roles and responsibilities

Research Officer in Computer Vision and Graphics team of Digital Technologies Research Centre. Conducting research and development for research excellence and business innovation.

Current research and/or projects

Pengcheng is collaborating with government agencies and industry partners to work on data science projects and applications.

Research and/or project statements

  • Invented a unified deep learning framework for multimodal multidimensional data.
  • Developed 3-D data processing approaches for conducting statistical shape analysis of large data sets.
  • Developed 3-D anthropometry design tools for the Department of National Defence (Canada) and the US Center of Disease Control (CDC).


  • Ph.D. candidate Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carleton University
  • M.S. Computer Science, University of Ottawa, 2007

Professional activities/interests

  • Advisor for undergraduate and graduate students on applied deep learning research.
  • Reviewer for top conferences and journals.
  • Assessor for Creative Destruction Lab, Toronto, on Computer Vision and AI startups.


  • NRC Long Service Award for public service (2017)
  • NRC-ICT Certificate of Excellence (2016)
  • NRC-ICT Award for outstanding client services (2015)
  • US NIOSH Alice Hamilton Award Honourable Mention - Engineering & Control Category (2014)
  • NRC-ICT Award for achieving top results in international contest (2014)
  • Recognition of contribution to innovative IT research, programs and projects - NRC Canada (2013)
  • NRC-IIT Outstanding Achievers Award (2008)
  • Active Volunteer award by Let’s Talk Science (2006)
  • Outstanding Volunteer award by Let’s Talk Science (2005)


  • Certificate of outstanding contribution in reviewing for Pattern Recognition (Elsevier, October 2018)
  • Certificate of outstanding contribution in reviewing for Computer-Aided Design (Elsevier, August 2018)
  • Certified Vision Professionals - Basic Level (AIA Global association for vision information, October 2015)

Key publications

P. Xi, R. Goubran, C. Shu, "Cardiac Murmur Classification in Phonocardiograms using Deep Recurrent-Convolutional Neural Networks", Book chapter in “Frontiers in Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence” by World Scientific,, November 2019.

P. Xi, C. Shu, R. Goubran, "Comparing 2D Image Features on Viewpoint Independence Using 3D Anthropometric Dataset", Int. J. of the Digital Human, 1(4) (2016), pp. 412-425.

Z. Zhuang, C. Shu, P. Xi, M. Bergman, M. Joseph, "Head-and-Face Shape Variations of U.S. Civilian Workers”, Applied Ergonomics, 44(5) (2013), pp. 775-784.

R. Ball, C. Shu, P. Xi, M. Rioux, J. Molenbroek, D.V. Eijk, “A Comparison of Chinese and Caucasian Head Shapes", Applied Ergonomics 41(6) (2010), pp. 832-839.

J. Boisvert, C. Shu, S. Wuhrer, P. Xi, “Three-Dimensional Human Shape Inference from Silhouettes: Reconstruction and Validation", Machine Vision and Applications, 24(1) (2013), pp. 145-157.

Pengcheng Xi

Senior Research Officer
Digital Technologies
1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Preferred language: English
Telephone: 613-993-5943

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