Marc-Antoine Drouin

Roles and responsibilities

Senior Research Officer in the Computer Vision and  Graphics Team.

Scientific leader and maneger for R&D projects with institutional and industrial partners.

Current research and/or projects

  • design of imaging systems
    • performance prediction, calibration and characterization,
    • laser triangulation
    • passive stereo and photogrammetry
    • structured-light imaging
  • image processing and understanding
    • mobile systems data processing
    • sensor fusion
  • simulation
    • data-driven visual and physical simulation

Research and/or project statements

Expertise has been apply to:

  • manufacturing: industrial imaging and quality control, automation, guided assembly, process control, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling
  • aerospace: inspection, manufacturing, and airborne systems data processing
  • security: 3D imaging for military imaging
  • entertainment: augmented and virtual reality


PhD in Computer Science,  University of Montreal , 2007 (Master’s to PhD Fast Track)

Bachelor’s Degree, specialization in Computer Science, University of Montreal, 2001

Professional activities/interests

  • Peer-reviewer for international scientific journals.
  • Program Committee for international conference.
  • Co-supervision of university students ( and Ph.D.).


  • 2017       NRC       Award for Program Simulation – Best Internal Collaboration
  • 2017       NRC       Award for Instant Recognition Program of the GofC.
  • 2015       NRC       Award for Customer Service Excellence (ICT)

Inventions and patents

Key publications

Marc-Antoine Drouin, François Blais, Michel Picard, Jonathan Boisvert and Jean-Angelo Beraldin: Characterizing the impact of optically induced blurring of a high-resolution phase-shift 3D scanner. Mach. Vis. Appl. 28(8): 903-915 (2017)

Jonathan Boisvert, Marc-Antoine Drouin and Pierre-Marc Jodoin: High-speed transition patterns for video projection, 3D reconstruction, and copyright protection. Pattern Recognition 48(3): 720-731 (2015)     

Marc-Antoine Drouin, François Blais and Guy Godin: High Resolution Projector for 3D Imaging. International Conference on 3-D Digital Imaging: 337-344 (2014)

Marc-Antoine Drouin and Jean-Angelo Beraldin, Active 3D Imaging (chapter 3), 3D Imaging, Analysis and Application, (Editor: Yonghuai Liu, Peter Bunting and Nick Pears), Springer (2012).

Marc-Antoine Drouin

Marc-Antoine Drouin

Senior Research Officer
Digital Technologies
1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Preferred language: French
Other(s): English, French
Telephone: 343-550-5090

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