Ghazal Farhani

Roles and responsibilities

I am a Research Officer with a main focus on implementing new numerical methods such as machine learning algorithms to gain new insights from data. I work with researcher with diverse backgrounds in engineering and sciences. 

Current research and/or projects

- Developing and implementing machine learning algorithms for die casting data to provide reliable and explainable predictions on the strength of automotive components. 

- Investigating machine learning methodologies suitable for predicting cutting tool wear as well as breakage of manufacturing instruments.



Research and/or project statements

- Working on implementing deep learning algorithms for time series forecasting

- Developing new Physics-Informed Neural Networks

- Employing reliable and robust machine learning algorithms


- Ph.D. Physics, The University of Western Ontario 2018

- MSc Astrophysics, The University of Western Ontario 2013

- B.Sc. Physics, The University of Tehran

Professional activities/interests

- Co-supervising students in computer science and physics departments at Western University 

- Actively presenting our work in different national and international conferences

- Acting as reviewer for machine learning conferences 


- The Presidential Fellowship, Western University 2020-2022


Key publications

Previous work experience

- Globe and Mail: Data Scientist 2018 - 2020

- The University of Western Ontario: Data Fellow: 2020 - 2022

Ghazal Farhani

Ghazal Farhani

Assistant Research Officer
Automotive and Surface Transportation
800 Collip Circle
London, Ontario N6G 4X8
Preferred language: English


Sciences, Scientific research