Emmanuel Dupont


Roles and responsibilities

In charge of developing the technology of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers for the detection of atmospheric pollutants.

Current research and/or projects

Within the program of Quantum photonic sensing and security, I develop a new type of lasers at NRC: the mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers, mainly those based on InAs (indium arsenide) to increase the spectral range (lambda> 3 microns) of our devices that our partners and stakeholders might ask, for instance for applications of pollutant gas monitoring.

Research and/or project statements

  • Development of a new theoretical model on the electronic transport and optical properties of quantum cascade structures that takes into account the interband coupling (the so-called k.p theory) in narrow gap semiconductors.
  • Optimisation of laser designs by employing genetic algorithms and the k.p transport model.
  • Propose new laser designs to NRC-AEP epitaxial group.
  • Develop a complete test bed for the characterization of quantum cascade lasers.
  • Maintain the infrared labs for electro-optical and spectroscopy measurements of semiconductor devices and materials.


  • Ph.D. in solid state physics, Université Paris XI, 1993
  • DEA in solid state physics (predoctorate degree~ M.Sc.), Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse (France), 1990
  • Engineering degree in physics of materials, Institut national des sciences appliquées, Toulouse (France), 1990

Professional activities/interests

  • Modelisation and design of semiconductor-based (heterostructures with III-V materials) infrared optoelectronic devices

    THz and mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers (QCL); Mid-infrared interband cascade lasers (ICL); Quantum well infrared photodetectors (QWIP); Quantum dot lasers (QDL) for broadband emission around lambda~1.5 micron; p-i-n near-infrared photodiodes (InGaAs); Electro-optical modulators; Electroluminescent diodes; Optically pumped intersubband fountain lasers.

    Electronic modelisation of semi-conducting heterostructures: eigen-states of complex structures, energy band structure by k.p theory, multibody quantum effects, lineat and non-linear optical coefficients.

    Transport equations and optical gain in QCL and ICL.

    Atomic physics transposed to semiconductor heterostructures: phenomena of quantum interferences, carrier coherence issues, optical high-field effects.

    Light-matter interactions and optical cavity effects on excitations in semiconductors.

    Optical modelisation of thin films, microcavities, waveguides, diffraction gratings, light propagation in anisotropic media and in non-linear media.
  • "Hands-on" experience in labs, particularly in the infrared

    - Infrared Fourier spectroscopy on semiconductors.
    - Electro-optical characterizations of QWIP, near-infrared photodiodes, quantum cascade lasers, LED and modulators.
    - Nonlinear infrared optics in semiconductors.
    - Mid and near-infrared imaging by focal plane arrays of detectors.
    - Waveguide optics in semiconductors.
    - Infrared and THz emission (spontaneous and stimulated) in III-V semiconductors.
  • Member of the scientific committee of QELS/CLEO conference in 2010
  • Supervisor of numerous graduated students (internships of MSc students, PhD students)
  • Numerous international collaborations with experimental groups (Canada, Italy, France, Poland, USA, UK, Singapour) and theory groups (Sweden, France, Poland, Germany).



Award of the Association of engineers of Midi-Pyrénées Region (1990)


Engineer in physics of materials (Institut national des sciences appliquées, Toulouse, 1990)

Inventions and patents

  1. E. Dupont, M. Buchanan, H. C. Liu, M. Gao, S. Chiu, M. Byloos, and C.Y. Song, “Method of Micro-Fabricating a Pixelless Infrared Imaging Device”, US patent No. 6,750,072 B2 (2004)
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  5. E. Dupont, D. Delacourt, and M. Papuchon, “Quantum Well Modulator of Electromagnetic Waves”, No 92 12211 registered on 10/13/1992 in France, extended to the US.

Key publications

  1. D. O. Winge, E. Dupont and A. Wacker, “Ignition of quantum cascade lasers in a state of oscillating electric field domains”, Phys. Rev. A 98, 023834 (2018).
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Previous work experience

  • May 1998 / today: NRC-CNRC Institute for microstructural sciences → Advanced electronics and photonics research centre (Ottawa)
    Research officer
    Developed devices: QWIP, LED, THz QCL, midIR QCL, pixelless infrared imagers, PIN detectors, QD lasers 
    Exploratory research: difference frequency generation in quantum wells for emission in the far-infrared; Strong coupling regime between light and intersubband excitations (Rabi, polariton); k.p theory in QCL
  • Nov 1997 / May 1998: NORTEL Networks (Ottawa)
    Optoelectronic test engineer
    Monolithic integration of Mach-Zehnder modulators and DFB lasers.
  • Dec 1996 / Nov 1997: NRC-CNRC, Institute for microstructural sciences (Ottawa)
    Associate research officer
    Interband mid-infrared (lambda 4-14 microns) cascade emitters in GaSb-based semiconductors
  • Mar 1996 / Dec 1996: NRC-CNRC, Institute for information technology (Ottawa)
    NSERC post-doctoral fellowship
    Feasibility study for all-optical networks: wavelength conversion and all-optical switching
  • Feb 1993 / Sep 1995: NRC-CNRC, Steacie Institute for molecular sciences (Ottawa)
    Visiting scientist
    Laser coherent control in semiconductors and two-photon mid-infrared absorption in quantum wells
  • Apr 1990 / Feb 1993: THOMSON-CSF (ex-Thales, Orsay, France)
    Ph.D. research assistant
    Mid-infrared electro-refractive properties of semiconducting heterostructures
  • Jun 89 / Sep 89: MOTROLA Semiconducteurs (Toulouse, France)
    Technical manager assistant
    Design of experiments for the optimization of a highly selective dry etching process in bipolar Si technology.

Emmanuel Dupont

Emmanuel Dupont

Senior Research Officer
Advanced Electronics and Photonics
1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Preferred language: French
Other(s): French, Italian
Telephone: 613-990-1881


Materials, Nanomaterials, Quantum, Quantum sensor technologies