Darren Homeniuk

Roles and responsibilities

Software Engineer - I'm responsible for developing new and unique software solutions to problems facing both the developmental and analytical microscopy team, and researchers who require assistance. I can create custom code in languages including, but not limited to, .NET, Matlab, Python, C++, Java, and LabVIEW.


Prototyping Engineer - I also have the ability, with my robotics and automation background, to develop new electronic and mechanical systems.  This can involve things such as basic mechanical design, electric power and control layouts, PCB design, all the way through to software development and testing to finalize the prototype.

Current research and/or projects

Currently I am working on:

  • Developing the electronics for a nanoscale mover for an open-source transmission electron microscope.
  • Programming a control scheme that can be used on the in-house electron microscopes to enable simple automation and control of experiments.
  • Controls and software for the open-source transmission electron microscope.


B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, University of Alberta, 2006

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Univeristy of Alberta, 2009


P. Eng., Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta

Previous work experience

  • September 2009 - February 2017
    • BP Automation, Electrical and Software Engineer
      • Electrical design and software development for new robotic systems.
      • Commissioning of the machine during development and at the customer's site.
      • Documentation and drawings for the project.
  • July 2006 - March 2009
    • University of Alberta, Mechanical Engineering Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant
      • Performing research tasks towards my M.Sc.
      • Teaching undergraduate mechanical engineering labs on measurements and report writing.
Darren Homeniuk

Darren Homeniuk

Technical Officer
Quantum and Nanotechnologies
11421 Saskatchewan Drive
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2M9
Preferred language: English
Telephone: 780-641-1646


Sciences, Scientific research, Nanotechnology, Technology, Prototyping, Robotics, Simulation & Numerical Modelling, Software, Software development