Chundra Ramful


Roles and responsibilities

  • FPGA design and simulation (verilog)
  • Digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Matlab and Simulink
  • Creation of algorithms
  • Product development, from concept to production
  • Labview programming (prototype evaluation, product testing, system level application)
  • High speed analog and digital circuit (PCB) design
  • Signal conditioning for small signals in noise constrained environments
  • Design of real time data acquisition systems
  • Low level hardware and software integration and debugging
  • 3D mechanical design
  • Multi-axis actuator design and control
  • System integration
  • Machine vision

Current research and/or projects

NRCan printed sensors responsive to temperature, light and relative humidity (PE 224)

  • Analog signal conditioning circuit design
  • Circuit simulation
  • Printed circuit board design
  • Firmware design (C) to interface with a wireless transceiver (EnOcean)
  • LabView programming to provide an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI)

Evaluate the use of Mode-Locked Quantum-Dot Laser (MLQDL) for potential use in LIDAR applications

  • System level design of evaluation platform
  • Use of commercial off-the shelf (COTS) board assemblies and subsystems
  • Assembly of evaluation platform
  • Reverse engineering FPGA example projects delivered with Stratix 10 development kit
  • Use existing FPGA IP as well as develop custom code (Verilog) to have an operational system
  • LabView programming to provide an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI)


  • Graduate level “Machine Vision” course, University of Ottawa, 2011
  • Graduate level “Digital Signal Processing” course, Carleton University, 2010
  • 5-year engineering degree in electronics and controls from the “University of Science and Technology of Compiègne”, Compiegne, France, 1991


Member of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)

Chundra Ramful

RCO, Electrical Engineer
Advanced Electronics and Photonics
1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Preferred language: English
Other(s): English, French, Hindi
Telephone: 613-993-2020


Technology, Microelectronics, Prototyping, Robotics, Software development, Technological innovation