Christophe Py

Roles and responsibilities

I am the Director of Research and Development for the Advanced Electronic and Photonics Research Centre. In this position I manage 7 research teams and ensure they have the means to contribute to achieve current program objectives as well as make strategic long-term investments that will ensure the sustainability of our research organisation. The focus of the directorate is in the exploration of novel semiconductor materials, the design of novel electronic and photonic components with unparalleled performance, the development of fabrication processes for those components, their integration in modules and systems and their testing for application in telecommunication and sensing. 


1993    Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Grenoble, France (1stClass Honours).

1990   Masters in Optoelectronics and Microwave at the National Polytechnical Institute of Grenoble (INPG), France.

1990   Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer (1stClass Honours) at INPG.

Professional activities/interests

Reviewer for CRC, NSERC, CSA, CFI, OCE, MMO, FQRNT, IRAP and the Technology Foundation STW of Netherlands (more than 40 reviews); member of the college of reviewer for the IRDF program (more than 50 reviews)

Reviewer for 17 different international journals (more than 60 papers).

2007-2018: adjunct professor with the Physics Department of the University of Ottawa.         

Supervised students, reviewed MSc and PhD theses as part of the Ottawa Carleton Institute of Physics for graduate studies; invited lecturer.

1999-2013 Member of the Canadian Association of Physicists

1999, 01, 03, 05 Member of Organizing Committee of the Canadian Semiconductor Technology Conference, 3 time Exhibit co-chair, Editor in 2005.

2001 Chair, Workshop on Organics for Photonics and Electronics, Ottawa, August 13.

1998 Member of Organizing Committee, Workshop on Organic Materials for Micro-electronics.

1999-2011 Member of IMS health and safety committee. Secretary 2004-2007

1998-2001 Chair, IMS seminars

Inventions and patents

12) T-Y Chu, C. Py, Y. Tao, Z. Zhang and A. Dadvand, Development of printed pattern for microfabrication, US provisional application, 2014, PCT/CA2016/050768.

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8) B. Lamontagne and C. Py, “Micro-Blinds for Windows and the Method of Fabrication“, US patent US 7684105,  September 7, 2006; Canadian patent CA 2537569.

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1) R.Baptist & C.Py, "Ionization Gauge", French patent, European Patent EP 92402095, 31 Dec 1991.

Key publications

50) G. Xiao, P. Aflaki, S. Lang, Z. Zhang, Y. Tao, C. Py, P. Lu, C. Martin, and S. Chang, “Printed UHF RFID Reader Antennas for Potential Retail Applications”, accepted in IEEE Journal of RFID, 2018, 2(1) p31-34, 2018.

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46) Graddage N., Ta-Ya Chu T-Y, Ding H., Py C., Dadvand A. and Tao Y., “Inkjet printed thin and uniform dielectrics for capacitors and organic thin film transistors enabled by the coffee ring effect”, Organic Electronics 29, p114-119, 2016

45) Bosca A., Martina M and Py C, “Planar Patch-clamp for Neuronal Networks – Considerations and Future Perspectives” in Patch-Clamp Methods and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 1183, DOI 10.1007/978-1-4939-1096-0_6, © Springer Science+Business Media New York, 2014.

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Previous work experience

2013-2016: Leader of the Electronics Team of the Information and Communication Technologies portfolio of NRC. Managing 10 people and test and prototyping facilities offered to the different programs of the ICT portfolio, notably Printable Electronics, GaN for RF applications and Advanced Photonic Components for telecom and sensing applications.


2013-2016: Microfabrication and device expert for Printable Electronics application  within the Information and Communication Technologies portfolio of NRC. Lead of client project on smart packaging for pharmaceuticals; demonstrated and prototyped the first multiplexed smart blister card, placing NRC and client as leaders in the field. Studied methods to print high-frequency transistors (took one patent), working on test and qualification of electroluminescent devices for client. Promoted to Principal Research officer in 2016.


2005-2013: Led development of an integrated patch-clamp chip array to monitor the activity of synthetic neural networks for applications in rapid drug screening and the study of neurodegenerative diseases. Led microfabrication effort, took 2 patents, developed and transferred manufacturing processes to 2 commercial foundries, and delivered 1000+ prototypes to expert neurobiologists. Chip allowed the world-first recording of action potentials and monitoring of active synapses by patch-clamp chips. Work resulted in the formation of a network of Canadian pharmaceutical companies as well as invited review, editorial and book chapter.


2002- 2005: Co-authored successful 3M$ proposal on Molecular Imprinting Techniques for chemical sensors, funded by the CRTI (federal security initiative). Took US patent on concept, led microfabrication part of project which resulted in world-first demonstration of chemical recognition technique by 2D molecular imprinting.


2000-2004: Led 900k$ National Capital Institute of Telecommunications collaborative project on Organic Materials for Lasers sponsored by Nortel Networks. Proposed, developed and characterised novel materials and lasers and transistors structures for low-cost network components.


1997-2008: Led Organic Materials for Light-Emitting Devices project at the Institute for Microstructural Sciences, National Research Council of Canada. Developed novel microfabrication processes for Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays (filed 3 patents), collaborated with synthetic chemists on the study of novel materials (filed 1 patent) and various Canadian companies on display prototypes. Optimized optical design of OLEDs for high color purity and contrast (original design resulted in invited book chapter).


1996-98: Led Field-Emission Displays (FEDs) project, IMS, NRC. At client’s request, developed microfabrication process on silicon platform that led to the first FED prototype in Canada, designed novel cathode architecture to double the brightness of FEDs (US patent).



International experience and/or work

1994-1995: Research Fellow at the Electro-Technical Laboratory, MITI, Japan. Modeled, designed, microfabricated and characterized field-effect emitters for application to FED displays. Proposed a novel voltage comparator based on electron interferometry as well as planar focusing geometries later adopted at CEA, MITI and NRC.


1990-1993: Ph.D. at the Laboratory of Electronics, Technology & Instrumentation of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), France. Designed and built an electron-optical instrument to characterize field-effect emitters for displays, and observed low-energy electron interferences. Took 2 EU/US patents and studied other applied aspects of FEDs, licensed to PixTech, the world-leading startup in FED displays.


Apr-Sept 1990: Master’s internship at the Laboratory of Cryogenics of the CEA, France. Designed, fabricated and characterized an X-band electromagnetic transducer for an acoustic microscope. This study was rewarded by the French Society of Electricians as the best Master’s thesis in electronics of the INPG.


Jul-Aug 1989: Internship in the Quality Department of SAGEM, a French telecommunications company. Developed calibration procedures in the field of Electro-Magnetic Interferences.

Christophe Py

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