Catherine Clark

Roles and responsibilities

Research Officer

Catherine is a member of the Aviation Aerodynamics group within the Aerodynamics Laboratory of the Aerospace Portfolio within the National Research Council’s Engineering Branch. As a Research Officer, Catherine is the lead engineer responsible for wind tunnel projects through all phases, from client contact and project development to data analysis and publication.

Current research and/or projects

Catherine conducts multiple wind tunnel research programs each year, and has experience as project manager or engineer at all of the NRC wind tunnel facilities. Her work has helped advance aircraft development programs with ground-effect and thrust-reverser simulation, improved flight safety with the evaluation of aircraft components in ground or in-flight icing conditions, and improved NRC faciltiies through wind tunnel and balance calibration and data reduction programming.

Research and/or project statements

- Laser safety officer for the Aerodynamics Laboratory, responsible for developing, maintaining and implementing the laser safety protocol
- Team member and engineer for development and calibration of the Altitude Icing Wind Tunnel ice crystal, mixed-phase and rain capabilities
- Project manager and engineer for multiple icing development and certification tests for canadian and international clients
- Project manager and engineer for winter icing tests at the 3m x 6m Icing Wind Tunnel, helping Transport Canada and the FAA develope ice pellet allowance time tables using aerodynamic data from a full-scale wing section


M.A.Sc. Aerospace Engineering, Carleton University, 2010

B.Eng. Aerospace Engineering, Carleton University, 2007

Professional activities/interests

SAE G-12 Aerodynamics Working Group, Liason
SAE AC9C Aircraft Icing Technology Commitee, Member


Professional Engineer, Ontario

Key publications

Broeren, A., Lee, S. & Clark, C., Aerodynamic Effects of Anti-Icing Fluids on a Thin High-Performance Wing Section, J. Aircraft. Vol. 53, No.2 March-April 2016.

Clark, C., Orchard, D., & Chevrette, G., AIAA-2018-3833 A Guide to Creating SAE AS5562 Ice Crystal, Mixed Phase and Rain Condtiions in a Wind Tunnel Environment, 2018 Atmospheric and Space Environments Conference, Atlanta, 2018.

Clark, C., AIAA-2018-3832 Effects of Wind Tunnel Aerodynamics Blockage on Stagnation Collection Efficiency in an Icing Environment, 2018 Atmospheric and Space Environments Conference, Atlanta, 2018.

McIlwain, S., et. al., AIAA-2017-4227 C-17 Globemaster III Vortex Control Finlets Simulation and Wind Tunnel Testing, 35th AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, Denver, June 2017.

Orchard, D., Clark, C., & Oleskiw, M., 2015-01-2092 evelopment of a Supercooled Large Droplet Environment within the NRC Altitude Icing Wind Tunnel, SAE 2015 International Conference on Icing of Aircraft, Engines and Structures, Prague, 2015.

Broeren, A., Lee, S. & Clark, C., AIAA-2013-2933 Aerodynamic Characterization of a Thin, High-Performance Airfoil for Use in Ground Fluids Testing. 5th AIAA Atmospheric and Space Environments Conference, San Diego, June 2013.

Clark,C. & MacMaster, M., AIAA-2012-2799 Icing Wind Tunnel Tests of a Contaminated Supercritical Anti-iced Wing Section during Simulated Take-off - Phase 2. 4th AIAA Atmospheric and Space Environments Conference, New Orleans. June 2012.

Fortin, F., Syms, J., Clark, C., & McIlwain, S., AIAA-2012-2188 CFD Investigation of Noise around a Landing Gear, 33rd AIAA Aeroacoustics Conference, Colorado Springs, June 2012.

MacMaster, M. & Clark,C. AIAA-2011-1101 Icing Wind Tunnel Tests of a Contaminated Supercritical Anti-iced Wing Section during Simulated Take-off. 49th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Orlando. January 2011.

Previous work experience

September 2009 - December 2009
National Research Council Canada
Facility Engineer, 9m Wind Tunnel

- Planned tests for automotive manufacturers reviewing drag reduction techniques
- Analyzed data at 9m x 9m low-speed wind tunnel to ensure quality
- Commissioned a new ground-effect simulation system
- Measured boundary-layer profiles, spatial flow uniformity and turbulence intensity over the new ground-effect simulation system

January 2015 - December 2016
Carleton Unversity
Contract Instructor

- Computational Fluid Dynamics of Compressible Flows, Graduate Course, Winter Semester 2015, 2016
- Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics, Graduate Course, Fall Semester 2015, 2016      

Catherine Clark

Senior Research Officer
1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Preferred language: English
Other(s): French
Telephone: 613-990-6796

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