Byeong-Ui (Ben) Moon

Roles and responsibilities

Associate Research Officer at the Bioanalytical Micro-Nano Devices Section, Medical Devices Research Center
Over 15 years of experience on science, technology and development in multi-disciplinary research areas: Microfluidics, Lab-on-a-chip devices, Biosensors, Analytical chemistry, Biomaterials, Organ-on-a-chip, Biomedical engineering and Tissue engineering

    Project leader

    • Playing key roles in defining goals, tasks and milestones of the project
    • Performing device design, experimental design, data analysis and protocol development
    • Collaboration with other research institutions (Universities, Hospitals, other Government departments)

    Current research and/or projects

    1. Cell and Gene Therapy Challenge Program
    Cytokine profiling project in collaboration with McGill University

    2. Centre for Research and Applications in Fluidic Technologies (CRAFT) Initiative Program
    Novel osteoarthritic joint-on-a-chip (JOC) systems in collaboration with University of Toronto

    Research and/or project statements




    Ph. D. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 2012
    M. Sc. Electronics, Kyungpook National University, South Korea, 2005
    B. Sc. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering & Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Gyungsang National University, South Korea, 2001       

    Professional activities/interests

    International Career Panels

    • VIP guest Trainee Networking Session, CRAFT Virtual Symposium, 2021
    • Canadian Connective Tissue Society Trainee Workshop (CCTS 2019), 2019


    Research funding:
    Flow-JOC and Flex-JOC: Novel osteoarthritic joint-on-a-chip (JOC) systems for modelling interactions between joint resident cells and infiltrating immune effectors
    Funding source: Centre for Research and Applications in Fluidic Technologies (CRAFT), 2021

    Inventions and patents

    • Off-chip pressure-controlled centrifugal microfluidic fractionation, US, 2021
    • Apparatus, systems and methods for microfluidic vacuum shrinkage of microbubbles, US, 2019

    Key publications

    1. On-the-fly phase transition and density changes of aqueous two-phase systems on a centrifugal microfluidic platform, Langmuir, 2022 
    2. An automated centrifugal microfluidic assay for whole blood fractionation and isolation of multiple cell populations using an aqueous two-phase system, Lab on a chip, 2021
    3. Reversible bonding of thermoplastic elastomers for cell patterning applications, Processes, 2021
    4. Human cardiac fibrosis-on-a-chip model recapitulates disease hallmarks and can serve as a platform for drug screening, Biomaterials, 2020
    5. Shrinking, growing and bursting: microfluidic equilibration control of water-in-water droplets, Lab on a Chip, 2016

    Previous work experience

    Assistant Research Officer  National Research Council Canada, 2022
    Post-Doctoral Research Fellow University of Toronto and University Health Network, 2017
    Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Toronto Metropolitan University and St. Michael’s Hospital, 2015

    International experience and/or work

    Journal Guest Editor
    Research and application of microfluidics in chemical engineering, Processes, 2020

    Journal Peer-Review
    Lab on a Chip, Food and Bioproducts Processing, Micromachines, Biosensors, Nanomaterials, Pharmaceutics, Journal of Functional Biomaterials, Applied Sciences.

    Byeong-Ui (Ben) Moon

    Associate Research Officer
    Medical Devices
    75 Mortagne Blvd
    Boucherville, Quebec J4B 6Y4
    Preferred language: English
    Telephone: 450-641-5092


    Health, Bioassay, Biomedical Experiments, Materials, Biomaterials, Sciences, Scientific research, Technology