Alexander (Alex) Hayes

Roles and responsibilities

Research Officer in the Façade Systems and Products group

Current research and/or projects

Alex’s work has been focused on identifying and quantifying the cooling capacity of possible mitigation strategies to combat the effects of Urban Heat Island in Canada, with a recent publication in MDPI Buildings Journal. His day-to-day work includes investigating the steady state effects of thermal bridges, identifying potential risks associated with simplifications made in thermal performance simulations as well as running simulations to determine the thermal transmittance of unique wall assemblies. Alex has a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Carleton University where he conducted an investigation into the service life for vacuum insulation panels using accelerated ageing as well as designing, building and calibrating a guarded hot plate apparatus for analyzing the thermal conductance of building materials. 


  • Masters of Applied Science, Carleton University, Canada (2018)
  • Bachelor of Education, Trent University, Canada (2014)
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Carleton University, Canada (2013)


  • LEED AP Homes

Key publications

  • Hayes, A. T.; Jandaghian, Z.; Lacasse, M.; Gaur, A.; Lu, H.; Laouadi, A.; … Wang, L. (2022), Nature-Based Solutions (NBSs) to Mitigate Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effects in Canadian Cities. Buildings.
Alexander (Alex) Hayes

Alexander (Alex) Hayes

Assistant Research Officer
1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6
Preferred language: English
Telephone: 343-542-0584


Sciences, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering